The sweet spot for mods is definitely right around 200 watts. 300W is overkill and often brick-like, and 80W is limiting. Getting a mod that is powerful enough to chuck huge clouds yet small enough to not bulge much in your pocket just makes life better.

There are a lot of mods to choose from, which can be confusing. So I broke it down to the top mods in their respective categories. Any of the devices on this list would make for great daily vapes. Enjoy!

Best-In-Class 200 Watt Mods

Pod System Price Pod/Battery Usage Rating
Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250c (200W) $179.95 Dual 18650s Best high-end mod
GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W $59.95 Dual 18650s Best overall mod
Crown 4 200W $74.99 Dual 18650s Best starter kit
SMOK Morph 219W $69.95 Dual 18650s Best touch screen mod
Sigelei Sobra 198W Kit $29.95 Dual 18650s Cheap, cool design
Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250c

Best Overall 200W Box Mod

The Lost Vape Paranormal is the pound-for-pound champion in the 200W division. It features the leading-edge DNA250C chip, need I say more. The build quality and design is what you'd expect from a top-tier mod, stunning. Just holding this mod will make your friends think your net worth doubled. It's striking!

My Favorite Feature

The DNA 250 Color chipset comes with tons of useful and innovative features, setting the standard for high-end mods once again. You can use this mod to as a power bank and charge your phone if you're in a jam (adapter comes with mod). But that isn't my favorite feature.

The feature that really stands out is replay mode. Replay mode is fantastic! To use it, you have to start vaping while in replay mode. After you've taken a vape that you really enjoyed, press the replay button. The chip will save that puff and replay it for you over and over.

It senses the juice on your coils and reproduces your favorite puff based on how saturated your coil is. As the coil dries, it will throttle down the power, preventing you from burning your coil. It's super easy to use too.

Build Quality

The build quality is grade A! This mod feels like a top-notch device in hand. Nothing about it feels cheap. When you hold it, you know you're holding a work of art that can also withstand a beating.

And I love that it doesn't have gaudy branding all over it. I hate when companies do that. Without big branded panels, the Paranormal 250C looks clean and classy.


The Lost Vape Paranormal performs like a superstar professional athlete. It's consistent, reliable, and better than all the competition. Given the chipset, this comes as no surprise.

If you've ever vaped on a DNA chip, you have an idea of what to expect. They're the best chips on the market, which is why you have to pay a premium to get your hands on one.

With the Paranormal, you'll get unparalleled performance. The response rate is excellent and the consistency is like none other. It's an expensive mod, but pound-for-pound, it's definitely worth it.

  • 200W max output
  • Great temp control performance (200°F – 600°F)
  • Replay mode
  • Accurate and consistent firing
  • Can use mod as power bank
  • Swapable panels
  • Easy-to-navigate menu
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Some don't have swapable panels (Black Rhombus, Passion Scarlet Resin, and Chopped Carbon)
  • Expensive
Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod

Best Bang For Your Buck

You can't go wrong with the GeekVape Aegis Legend. It's the best everyday dual 18650 200W mod on the market. It's predecessor, the Aegis 100W was wildly popular and for good reason. GeekVape took their most popular mod and made a ton of improvements, leading to the 200W Legend.

The Aegis Legend houses the advanced AS chipset, which is largely responsible for the mods stellar performance. It delivers a smooth, yet powerful experience. This mod fires quickly and consistently, delivering loads of power to your atomizer. You'll be able to chuck huge clouds with the Legend powering your atty. The AS chipset does not disappoint.

You will be able to make use of a full temperature control suite, as well as various other modes. You also get bypass, TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) and VPC (variable power curve) mode. I don't use TCR, but I love VPC mode. VPC allows you to set your wattage curve. You can ramp it up, tail it off, or whatever your heart desires. Fun stuff for the serious vaper.

The Legend features an intuitive three-button interface that's super easy to use. The 0.91 inch colored screen shows the amp range, power, resistance, and battery life. And yes, it does have a puff counter displayed as well. I'm so used to puff counters I get annoyed when I don't have one.

One area that no other mods can compete with is the build quality. The Aegis Legend 200W is so durable, you would have to devise a plan if you wanted to break it. It's military-grade shockproof (810G-516.6), dustproof and waterproof (IP67).

  • 200W max output
  • Temp control (200°F – 600°F)
  • Quick and consistent firing
  • Military-grade build quality
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • Centered 510 pin (fits 30mm attomizers, no overhang)
  • Premium options (snake skin, real leather, jade, jeans, etc)
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Round robins
  • Comfortable in hand
  • A little bulky
  • Stubborn battery door
  • Poor instruction manual
Crown 4 200W Starter Kit

Top Starter Kit

If you're looking for a starter kit that can chuck clouds like a volcano, look no further. The Uwell Crown 4 200W TC mod is a bull, and the Crown 4 tank is known to fog up a room.

The mod can fire anywhere from 5W to 200W and comes with a full temperature control suite (TCR included). I'm not a big temp control guy myself, but it's something I'm playing with more and more these days.

The power output is accurate and fast. It fires almost instantaneously. So make sure you don't accidentally press the fire button before your coil is primed, because this mod starts kicking right away. The tank comes with two 904L stainless steel (SS) round wire coils (0.2ohm and 0.4ohm).

Unfortunately, it does not come with mesh coils. It's not a big deal but it's kind of annoying. Just get mesh coils when yours gunk up. The coils it comes with are actually darn good and pretty durable. They last a long time before the flavor starts to change and they can handle more wattage than they're rated for. They can handle 90W to 95W no problem.

Both the mesh and SS coils have great flavor. Uwell must have left out the mesh coil because they were so confident in the SS coils, and I can see why. They thump!

The mod itself is a well-designed piece of machinery and the tank is heavenly. Holding this kit is a pleasure and the clouds you'll be chucking are going to be huge and flavorful. The fire button is nice and clicky, giving you a good amount of feedback.

You really can't go wrong with this kit. It's a well thought out mod with a tank that can chuck for days.

  • 200W max output
  • Temp control (200°F – 600°F)
  • Simple menu
  • Good quality vapor production
  • Flavor is quite good
  • Quick response rate
  • Good build quality
  • Really comfortable in hand
  • Mesh coil not included
  • Hate it or love it design
  • Top cap can be hard to grip for unscrewing
SMOK Morph 219W

Touch Screen 200 Watt Winner

The SMOK Morph 219W TC is my favorite 2019 touch screen mod. It's sleek and futuristic looking. It would look nice in a Tesla cup holder, if you happen to drive one (I wish I did). The touch screen is huge (1.9″) and vibrant.

Surprisingly, the interface is super simple and easy to use. I guess it makes sense because you're not restricted to three buttons. In case you were wondering, the fire button is not on the touch screen.

One of the features I really like about the Morph is the pass code feature. If you have kids, this feature might be very useful! The build quality and performance of the Morph are both pretty solid. It doesn't feel cheap in your hand at all. I think it could take a decent beating but it's not Aegis Legend level indestructible.

The performance is great for this price range! It's no DNA, but it thumps out consistent power better than most mods in this price range. It can hold it's own with any mod in its price range, touch screen or not.

You can buy the SMOK Morph 219 as a starter kit or as a mod. If you get the starter kit, you will get one of SMOKs better sub-ohm tanks. The tank is called the SMOK TF. It's definitely the best mesh tank SMOK has ever made. And it's one of the better overall tanks they've made.

The TF sub-ohm tank can hold 6mL of e-liquid and has press-fit mesh coils. The coils are 0.25ohms and kick out a ton of vapor. They're mesh and give off the flavor to prove it. If you're in the market for a tank too, the starter kit is a good deal.

  • 219W max output
  • Temp control (200°F – 600°F)
  • Good everyday performance
  • 1.9″ vibrant touch screen
  • Can lock mod with pass code
  • Sleek futuristic look
  • Solid build quality
  • Pretty good sub-ohm tank (with starter kit)
  • Does not round robin
  • No wattage curve
  • Hate it or love it design
Sigelei Sobra 198w

Cheap 200 Watt Mod Winner

The Sigelei Sobra 198W starter kit snatches the title in the affordable category. The starter kit (tank included) costs a whopping $29.95! I mean, my goodness that's one helluva deal. To claim this deal, you will have to sacrifice a little consistency and 2W of power though.

Sub-Ohm Tank

The Sobra starter kit comes with the Moonshot 120 sub-ohm tank. As the name implies, you can push 120W to the tank, but I wouldn't recommend it. The coils are a little overrated. But overall, the Moonshot is a surprisingly good tank. And for the price, you can't beat it. I only have one bone to pick with the Moonshot tank, the drip tip. Some color options have an ULTEM drip tip that doesn't match. It looks kind of ugly. Other than that, they knocked it out of the park with this starter kit. The Moonshot tank holds 5mL of vape juice, which you're going to need every drop if you're chucking massive clouds. Surprisingly, the tank can really hold its own against some of the big name.

Sobra Mod

The mod has a pretty funky design, snake eyes and all. This is another one of those hate it or love it designs. Some of the color options are a little much, but I like the ones with matching drip tips. Looks aside, this is a decent mod.

The Sobra can help you chuck some massive clouds given the loads of power than it can push out. And it feels amazing in hand because of the way it's contoured.

It comes with almost all of the features you'd expect from a mod twice its price. The main feature it's lacking is adjustable wattage when in temperature control mode. Most vapers use variable wattage mode, so I guess they cut a corner there on purpose. But if this mod is sounding too good to be true, well, it kind of is. There is a downside to the Sobra.

The biggest drawback to this mod is the fact that it keeps having to re-read the resistance. If you've ever had a mod like that, it gets kind of annoying. With mods like this, I find myself looking at the resistance to make sure it's right, before I take a hit. Other than that, the performance is pretty solid.

Who is the Sobra Kit For

All-in-all, the Sobra starter kit is best suited for vapers who haven't had a 200W mod before. If that's you, this mod will give you a chance to see if you like vaping that high without breaking the bank. Spending $60-$180 on a mod to test the waters is a bit of a risk. If you've used high-powered mods before and you know you like it, save up. You'd be better served by something like the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W or even the Lost Vape Paranormal 250c if you want the best vaping experience.

  • 198W max output
  • Temp control suite (200°F – 600°F)
  • 1.3″ color screen
  • Stealth fire button
  • Different UI options
  • Centered 510 pin
  • Pretty good sum-ohm tank
  • 5mL tank capacity (with bubble glass)
  • Quite comfortable in hand
  • Hate it or love it cobra design
  • Some colors come with non-matching ULTEM drip tip
  • Can't swap drip tip
  • Can't adjust wattage in temp control mode
  • Resistance jumps around
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