With the wrong mod, you'll be stuck blowing thin lackluster clouds. You would think you could just buy the mod with the highest wattage range, but that's not necessarily the best strategy. Some manufacturers use chipsets that aren't very consistent, which cause inconsistent clouds. I like to use reliable mods that can push out massive power every single time.

Top Cloud Chasing Vape Mods of 2019

Chucking clouds will always be more about the atomizer than the mod, no matter what anyone tells you. But your mod needs to be two things: consistent and powerful. That's the bare minimum you need in a cloud mod. Hopefully it's comfortable in your hand and has a sick design, but those things won't impact the performance. Let's get to it!

1) iJoy Shogun UNIV 180W

My favorite mod for fogging up the room is the iJoy Shogun UNIV. It can push out up to 180W of power, which is more than enough to power the top cloud chasing atomizers.

ijoy shogun univ 180w kitIt's powered by two 18650 batteries (in series) and runs on iJoy's newest generation UNIV chipset. The UNIV chipset is the new kid on the block, but it's no slouch. iJoy claims that it fires instantly, which is actually somewhat accurate. It sure does make my iJoy Captain X3 seem like a dinosaur. Overall, it fires pretty friggin' fast and reliably. I'm impressed.

The build quality of this mod is pretty solid. It's not indestructible feeling, but solid nonetheless. The resin panels have a smooth, almost rubbery feel to them and a little curve to round out the feel. The frame is zinc alloy and feels pretty durable.

A lot of vape stores sell this mod as a kit that comes with the Katana sub-ohm tank. The Katana tank is good, but not anything to go running around bragging about. If you already have a good tank, then getting the mod by itself is a solid bet.

For chasing clouds this mod is perfect because it cranks out up to 180W of power and has a fast and consistent chipset. If you like resin this is a solid contender for your next mod.

  • Up to 180W
  • Consistent power output
  • Centered 510 pin (up to 28mm attys, no overhang)
  • Temp control suite (300°F to 600°F)
  • Very comfortable in hand
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Has a pod mode
  • Screen is not vibrant or groundbreaking
  • Hate it or love it resin design
  • Does not round robin
    • When you go all the way up to 180W, if you press the up button again it does not round robin to the starting wattage (1W), which is annoying

You can get the Shogun Univ kit at VaporDNA for $64.99.

2) GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W

geekvape aegis legned 200wThe Aegis 200W is the new and improved version of the original Aegis. The original Aegis was a single-18650, 100W mod that was waterproof and shockproof. The Aegis Legend takes two 18650s and maintains its rugged shockproof, dust proof, and waterproof origins. If you have butterfingers, this mod is one to strongly consider. Its durability is off the charts.

It churns out up to 200W of power, so it can help you blow some pretty massive clouds. It's powered by the AS chipset which is an in-house chipset. The AS chip is a smooth and solid performer and has made its way into GeekVapes newest flagship mods.

The main reason to go with this mod over other mods is the durability. It's as durable as they come. If you have a knack for breaking mods or live an on-the-go lifestyle, this might be the best cloud chucker for you.

  • Up to 200W
  • Accurate and reliable power output
  • Premium build quality
  • Dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof (IP67)
  • Centered 510 pin (up to 26mm attys, no overhang)
  • Premium design options (real leather, snake skin, jeans, etc)
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Round robin
  • Limited wattage (40W) in temp control mode
  • On the bulkier side
  • Stiff battery door

The best place to order this mod is from Central Vapors for $62.

3) Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300W

wismec reuleaux tinker 300wFor better or worse, 300W mods have gone out of style. Personally, I love 300W mods even though I don't vape anywhere near 300W consistently. My favorite thing about mods like this is the battery life is amazing.

Now, the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300W mod is a unique piece of equipment. You're going to either hate or love its design (I love it). It's a nice change of pace and has a fresh futuristic vibe. Also, it's pretty curvy like an old school beauty queen, which makes it ultra comfortable in your hand.

When it comes to chucking massive clouds, look no further. This mod can push out 300W without breaking a sweat. You don't need to vape that high to fog up a room, but it's nice to have the option and all-day battery life.

Wismec used a proprietary chip in this mod. They're known for their reliable performance and have a dedicated following. I really like Wismcec mods, especially the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen 3 mod, which was my favorite cloud mod of 2017. Wismec is a trusted brand with a good rep, and the performance of the Tinker 300W falls right in line with Wismec's reputation, solid.

This mod is only sold as a starter kit and it comes with the Column sub-ohm tank.

  • Up to 300W
  • Consistent power output
  • Feels super comfortable in hand
  • Triple 18650 (amazing battery life)
  • Beautiful 1.3″ colored screen
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Hate it or love it design
  • 510 pin is not centered (up to 25mm attys without overhang)
  • Does not round robin
  • TC mode is set at 300W by default
  • Slow wattage scrolling
  • Mod not sold seperately

Pickup the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300W kit from VaporDNA.com.

Best Chucker of 2018

The iJoy Captain X3 is, in my opinion, the all around best vape mod for clouds right now. You can blast your tank with up to 324W of power, if you have an iron throat. Even though you probably won't vape that high too often, you'll still have the options in case you get the itch to show off.

ijoy captain x3 modIt's a triple 20700 mod that can chuck massive clouds all day long. The batteries that come with the kit combine to give you 9,000mAh of power.

Best deal on the iJoy Captain X3 (batteries included).


  • Wattage Range: 5 – 324W
  • Temp Control: 200-600°F (Ti, Ni200, SS)
  • Dimensions: 79mm x 51mm x 44.6mm
  • 2A charging
  • Upgradable firmware

Look and Feel

If you're familiar with the Rx Gen 3 (my pick for best cloud mod of 2017), you'll notice that these mods look strikingly similar. The body shape is basically the same, the buttons are in the same places, and it feels similar in your hand.

If you were to close your eyes and hold both mods, you might have trouble telling them apart without trying to feel the finer details. It's actually a good thing that these mods are so similar, because the Gen 3 was a comfy mod. The design was excellent, with the main debatable flaw being the battery life.

Well, iJoy saw that “flaw” and hopped all over it. The Captain X3 takes three 20700s, and the batteries are included in the kit. This gives the Captain X3 a big advantage over the Rx Gen 3. The battery life is pretty beastly.


The Captain X3 has a pretty good chipset and performs amazingly well for the price. It's consistent, smooth, and powerful. I can't ask for much more than that unless I want to pay a couple hundred bucks. For less than a hundred bucks, this is a steal.

My only con in the performance category is the initial heat up time. If you haven't used this mod in the last hour or so, be prepared to warm it up. Your first hit will take about a half second to heat up, maybe even 0.8 seconds. Seriously. I don't even put my mouth on it for the first firing. I just briefly hold the button for around a half second or so. After it's warmed up, it'll fire pretty fast for the rest of your vape sesh.

Captain X3 Sub Ohm Tank

The tank that's included in the kit is surprisingly nice. It has an 8mL capacity and comes with an extra 5mL glass. This large tank is ideal given the strength of this mod. You can only vape up to 110W on the coils that come with the tank.

If you want to push her to her limits, you're going to need to plop on another tank. This tank is a nice one though. It has a really wide 810 cobra resin drip tip and comes with a 510 adapter.

Sad to say, one of my favorite things about this tank is that it doesn't leak. Most of the tanks that I have leak their a** off. I've abused this one and it hasn't leaked on me at all.

The best place to get the iJoy Captain X3 kit is at VaporFi. My guess is that they're trying to compete with everyone else, so they are having some good deals. At the time of this writing the kit is going for $69.95. That's a steal. Other popular sites are selling it for $81.99, and that's without the batteries. VaporFi's kit includes the batteries and 18650 battery adapters.

Best Cloud Mod of 2017 (300W)

wismec reuleaux rx gen 3The Wismec Reuleaux Rx Gen 3 was the best mod for chucking massive clouds in 2017, hands down. It only takes three 18650s, but can crank out 300W of power. It gives you the flexibility of a 300W mod but it's the size of a smaller 200W mod. In fact, it even weighs less than a lot of 200W mods. It's still one of my favorite cloud chuckers and will remain in my lineup until something as versatile as it comes out.

It's size is one of its biggest advantages. I don't like carrying around four-cell mods, but they're cool for using at home or for crazy battery life. You can carry a three-cell mod comfortably and more conveniently, especially this one.

I like this mod better than most 300W mods because of the size, comfortable design, and most importantly, the consistency. You probably don't vape above 200W all that often, so three cells will provide more than enough power. Sometimes you will feel the need to chuck a monster 300W cloud, which makes this mod ideal. It's perfect for monstrous sub-200W clouds with the occasional 300W cloud.


  • Wattage Range: 1-300W
  • Temp Control: 200-600°F
  • Dimensions: 69mm x 39.3mm x 48.8mm
  • Weight: 145g


Ever since the release of the RX200S, Wismec's chips have become one of the top chipsets in all of vaping. Many expert vapers have been comparing them to the Evolv DNA chip series. They must have had a huge technological breakthrough with that release. The RX Gen3 follows suit with stellar performance.

It hits powerfully and consistently. You won't have to worry about the fluctuations that other mods have. This one cranks out the same power every time. It can power any tank on the market, but make sure you choose wisely. Your tank will have a big effect on your clouds.

Don't put a POS tank on this beauty, it deserves better. Be sure to grace it with a top cloud chasing tank. With the right tank, you will blow your competition out of the water and amaze your friends.

The RX Gen 3 price table below took me hours to build. If you find it helpful, let me know in the comments. I'll add more stores and slowly implement more of them throughout the site.

Store Price Kit/Country Coupon
UrVapin $46.89 Mod Only (China) 12URVAPIN - 12% off
Element Vape $54.95 Mod Only (USA) N/A
VaporDNA $54.99 Mod Only (USA) DNA10 - 10% off | 5OFF - $5 off $40
Direct Vapor $56.95 Mod Only (USA) Sign up to their email - list 10% Off
UrVapin $63.79 Includes GNOME Atomizer (China) 12URVAPIN - 12% off
Element Vape $69.95 Includes GNOME Atomizer (USA) N/A
VaporDNA $69.99 Includes GNOME Atomizer (USA) DNA10 - 10% off | 5OFF - $5 off $40

Sleeper Mod Pick

The VooPoo Drag is not the most powerful mod on the market, but it performs well above its pay grade. You'll rarely vape north of 200W unless you're some kind of iron-throat machine. For most people, vaping that high is uncomfortable and not enjoyable. You can chuck some nasty clouds around the 100W mark, which is why I love the Drag mod.

With the consistent power output you'll get with the Drag, you will surely wow some spectators.

Look and Feel

VooPoo Drag 157WCan you say, sexy beast? The VooPoo Drag is a resin mod, which is a hate it or love it kind of design. This mod is a true “box” mod, featuring an old-school rectangular design. The new-school mods usually try to curve to your hand. VooPoo went old school with this one. If you've been vaping for years, you'll probably get nostalgic feels from the Drag.

I love the boxy style but I must admit that the new ergonomically designed mods fit more comfortably in my hand.


  •  5W – 157W
  • 0.05 – 3.0 ohm range
  • 40A max output
  • smart VW (auto adjust to ideal output)
  • TC (Ni, Ti, SS) 200° – 600° F
  • TCR mode
  • dual 18650 mod
  • 90mm x 54mm x 24mm
  • upgradable firmware


This beast runs on the 157W GENE chip which out performs any chip in this price range. If you want better performance, you're going to have to pay up for a DNA mod. The GENE chip is one of the main reason everyone is loving this mod. You will get accurate performance and consistent hits.

The best part about the GENE chip is the fire up time. It's crazy fast. Basically, as soon as you fire the mod it's kicking out vapor. Apparently it has the fastest fire up time out of any mod to date. I don't know how to accurately test it but that's the word on the street.

The Drag has all the modes we've grown to love plus a new one, SUPER Mode. Super mode is a special mode that is activated when you vape at 130W or more. It's like overdrive in a car, it gives it some extra oomph. At 157W, you'll be chucking some huge but smooth clouds. It hits like a champ.

Best of all, you can get the VooPoo Drag for $51.99.

Choose Your Tank Wisely

falcon king tankThe Horizontech Falcon King is the pound-for-pound champ. This tank allows you to chuck massive clouds and enjoy top notch flavor. It's an all out beast.

If you own the Falcon, you have a rock solid tank, but the Falcon King is a step above the original Falcon. There's no need to upgrade unless you have to have the newest and best tank out. But both will get the job done and are impressive.

The best thing about the Falcon King is the sexy mesh coils. They are phenomenal and will give you a very satisfying vape. I didn't expect the coils to produce as much vapor as they do, but the dual mesh coil is a monster. It was a pleasant surprise.

The Falcon King comes with a 0.16ohm mesh coil and a 0.38ohm dual mesh coil. The flavor is as close to an RTA as you can get without having to build your own coils. All while still producing a ton of vapor. That's the beauty of mesh.

What more could you want in a sub-ohm tank? If the Falcon King doesn't satisfy you, then you might just want to wait for a tank that can prime itself, fire your mod, and blow the clouds for you. But if you're like me and don't want to wait several decades for a smart tank, then this tank is one you should give some strong consideration.

Falcon King Specs

  • Capacity: 6mL
  • Diameter: 26.2mm base (28mL bubble tank)
  • Custom designed proprietary drip tip
  • Fill: swivel top fill, single port
  • M1+ Mesh 0.16Ω (best at 75W)
  • M-Dual Mesh 0.38Ω (best at 80W)
  • Build Material: SS, resin and glass
  • Air Slots: dual bottom adjustable with stopper
  • Colors: chrome, matte black, black, rainbow, blue, SS, coffee, gunmetal, blackish green, purple

Get the best deal on the Falcon King.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, you can't go wrong with any of the products on this page. They all perform exceptionally well and will help you chuck unbelievably large clouds.

My personal favorite combination is the GeekVape Aegis Legend with the Falcon King tank. I was taken aback by the performance and flavor of the Falcon King and the Aegis Legend is a reliable and durable daily driver. I love the iJoy Shogun but the design prevents it from looking great with some tanks.

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