I think we all can agree that CBD oil can be life-changing.

However, finding legitimate products can be a big headache (literally). The worst CBD product I have ever tried gave me a screaming headache. That is no exaggeration.best cbd vape pen

That's exactly why I created this list highlighting my favorite CBD oil vape pen starter kit, plus some other good CBD products. I hope you find these products as relieving and life-changing as I have (kicked opiates). If you do, I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Top CBD Oil Vape Products of 2019

Brand Notes Type Vape Price
Vape Bright My personal favorite CBD vape product, period. Helped me ween off opiates. CBD Cartridges $45 - $202
Hemp Bombs My favorite CBD e-liquid. Smooth and effective. CBD E-liquid & Cartridges $39.99 - $299.99
Pure Science Lab Best bargain on CBD vape cartridges. Also sells gummies, tincture, cream, etc. CBD Cartridges $39.95 - $119.85
Nature's Script Runner up cannabidiol e-liquid. E-liquid $14.99 - $99.99

1. Best CBD Cartridge

If I could only have one CBD vape product in my lineup, the Thrive cartridge would be it, hands down. In case you were wondering, I have never received free products from Vape Bright. I just adore this product for reasons you will read about below.

vape bright logoOver the last few years (since 2015) I've tried goo-gobs of CBD products, ranging from gummies, pure extracts, and chocolates to tinctures, balms, teas, and vape juice. I've tried full spectrum products and products made with CBD isolate. Out of all the vape products I've tried, Vape Bright's Thrive cartridge is the best. There are two main reasons I'd select this kit over any other CBD vape juice or cartridge: effectiveness and efficiency.

Visit VapeBright.org to buy my personal favorite CBD product on the market.


my cbd kitVape Bright is one of the few companies that I think truly lives up to their CBD claims. I've tried many products that claim to have the same or more CBD content, but I haven't experienced the relief I experience with the Thrive. What I'm saying is, this is the most effective CBD vape product I have tried, ever.

For me, it just takes about 6-8 draws before I begin to feel the effects. I use it for deep pain relief, not some light ailment.

The thrive cartridge was instrumental in my escape from opiates. When I was going through withdrawals, I leaned on this product heavily. It didn't take all the withdrawal symptoms away, but it provided a nice sense of calm and well-being. This allowed me to function like a regular human being while giving my body time to recover.

Once I got the relief, I would try to busy myself to forget about the symptoms I was experiencing. Without the Thrive, I don't think I could have gotten enough relief to function. I tried tons of CBD products before quitting opiates, but the Thrive cartridge was the one that provided me the most relief. So I'm a huge advocate for this product.

Side note: Be sure to take advantage of this Vape Bright discount.

Lab Testing

Vape Bright tests every batch and has the results on their website. For me, lab testing is a must. This isn't what sets Vape Bright apart. Every company should lab test, and if they don't they won't be seeing any of my business. I felt the need to mention this in case you were wondering if they tested or not.


Their products are made of pure organic CBD extract and terpenes. Other companies use carrier oils like PG or VG, which means you'll have to take more draws to get the same relief. Of course, vape juice needs PG or VG but cartridges don't. I was surprised to find so many companies using carrier oils in their friggin' cartridges!

When buying a cartridge, I'm looking for fast and efficient relief. I don't want to have to chain vape a cartridge. When using flavored CBD vape juice in a powerful mod, I don't mind chain vaping. I usually vape my vape juice around 55W – 65W. In a mod, you'll get a lot more CBD per puff than you will in a cartridge that has been diluted.

Vape Bright doesn't dilute their cartridges which is one of the reasons they're so efficient. The other reason must be that they source high quality hemp.

To make sure you buy an authentic Vape Bright cartridge, it's best to get your cartridge directly from their website, VapeBright.org.


2. Best CBD Vape Juice

Sometimes you want to enjoy a nice vape sesh, and that's when I turn to Hemp Bombs.

hemp bombs CBD logoWhen you want a speedy vape or you're on the go, Vape Bright cartridges are perfect. But if you want to kick back, relax, and blow some delicious and big clouds, there is no better product to do it with than Hemp Bomb's CBD vape juice. The reason I like Hemp Bombs so much is because of the effectiveness and the flavors.

Visit HempBombs.com to try their top notch CBD e-liquids.


exotic watermelon kush CBD vape juiceCompared to other CBD e-liquids, I found Hemp Bombs to be highly effective. I hadn't tried this brand before I quit opiates, so I can't comment on that kind of relief. But I use this e-liquid for my normal pains which stem from playing football from 8th grade through college.

I have four main pain points. My neck, chest, back, and right knee. My back is the main culprit, even though it was a fractured sternum that somehow initiated my chronic back pain.

The vape juice from Hemp Bombs did work to ease my back pain quite nicely. I had to vape a lot more than I have to with Vape Bright's Thrive cartridge. But that's how CBD vape juice is, which is why I use the Thrive cartridge when I want faster relief.

If you prefer to chain vape and enjoy some smooth flavors, go with Hemp Bombs. You won't be disappointed. Also, they do offer a Hemp Bombs promo code for first time buyers, I think.

Subtle Flavorshemp bombs cbd

I always get a little nervous when trying a company's product for the first time, especially when the flavor profile is supposed to be sweet. Trying a menthol or spearmint flavor doesn't worry me as much as trying my favorite, fruit flavors.

It's easy to make a fruit flavored e-liquid overly sweet. I've tried some e-liquids that taste like cough medicine and others that taste like they dumped sugar in my tank. I'm not a fan of either.

The good thing about the fruit flavors that Hemp Bombs offers is that they're subtle yet enjoyable. They really did a good job with the flavors. I can vape my two favorites (Exotic Watermelon Kush and Crisp Honeydew Melon) all day without getting sick of them.

I wrote a detailed review of Hemp Bombs and tried my best to describe the four flavors I vaped. Have a look at it if you want to read up a little more before making a decision. Or if you're ready, you can just click the link below if you're ready to give Hemp Bombs a go!

Click here to get your Hemp Bombs e-liquid directly from their official website.


3. Best Bang For Your Buck CBD Cartridge

pure science lab cbd vape penVape Bright has, in my opinion, the best cartridge on the market. But it isn't the cheapest. If their cartridges fall a little out of your price range, I have a good product for you that's not very expensive at all.

The next best thing to Vape Bright would be Pure Science Lab's CBD cartridge. Pure Science Lab has one of the strongest sources of hemp around. Their batches usually come in at around 40% CBD. That's super potent. Most companies have 20% CBD by volume products.

Their CBD cartridge does have carrier oils, but since their CBD is so strong it doesn't dilute it much (250mg just like Vape Bright's Beyond cartridge). I can attest to the quality of Pure Science Lab's products personally. They're definitely legit. I use them a lot and my wife loves them.

Visit PureScienceLab.com to get relief at an excellent price.

Lab Results

For as long as I've been buying from Pure Science Lab, they've always kept up to date lab results on their home page slider. They're proud of their super strength CBD products and don't hide their lab results. The lab results confirm three things.

One, their CBD is toxin free. Two, it's a full spectrum product. And three, their CBD oil is some of the strongest you will ever get your hands on.


When shopping for CBD products, it's hard to gauge how effective they will be. It's one thing to see lab results showing the CBD content, but it doesn't always reflect how effective it will be. You won't truly know until you use it for yourself, but if it's working for other people that's a good sign.

For me, Pure Science Lab has been a blessing. Vape Bright is not always in my budget, plus they only sell cartridges. Pure Science Lab sells a full line of affordable CBD products. Other than the strength, the affordability of their product line is my favorite thing about them. They simply work and have gotten me through some tough days.

I also love their pain cream, but that's out of the scope of this article. Their vape cartridge is really effective and only ranks behind Vape Bright for two reasons. Vape Bright's cartridge is less clumpy and it doesn't have carrier oils. That's it. Both products are very effective for me.

So if you're in the market for a CBD cartridge and don't want to pay premium prices, you can't go wrong with Pure Science Lab.

Click here to buy an affordably priced CBD cartridge from Pure Science Lab.


4. Runner Up CBD Vape Juice

Hemp Bomb's is my favorite CBD vape juice, but Nature's Script is a close second. You really can't go wrong with either of these purchases when it comes to vaping CBD.

Nature's Script CBD vape juiceNature's Script is not really inferior to Hemp Bombs, but they don't have as many options. As of the time of this writing, there is only one flavor available on their website, Juicy Watermelon. I love the flavor, but I'm a fruit flavor vapor. Not everyone wants to chain vape watermelon exclusively.

By only having one flavor available right now, they're not really in the running to be number one. To be the best with only one flavor means you must be the best thing since sliced bread. Because, us vapers have to switch flavors or we'll get vaper's tongue. So even though I really enjoy Nature's Script CBD e-liquid, I'm forced to buy from other companies to diversify my flavor profile.

Click here to checkout Nature's Script's delicious and potent e-liquids.

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