Using a desktop vaporizer has some serious advantages over a portable unit. The difference is really night and day since there aren’t any 100% convection portable options. And of course, the difference between smoking and vaping is huge for your lungs.

vapexhale unitIf you’re still combusting at home, you stop that right now. Kidding! I still combust but only rarely. Sometimes I just can’t help but pull out the Bob Marley bong or my gas mask, mostly when entertaining visitors. But the vast majority of the time I use one of my desktop units, with my lungs in mind. On the go, I use one of my cannabis oil vapes. Smoking is obviously harder on your health but I’m not here to preach a sermon so we’ll leave it at that. But honestly, I want you to live a long life because the world seriously needs more people who are down with herb.

Top Desktop Vaporizer List

  • Volcano Classic
  • Plenty
  • VapeXhale EVO

#1 – Volcano Classic

volcano classicThe best tabletop vaporizer on the market is the Volcano Classic. The digital version is just as good but nearly twice the price. I don’t have to chase the newest fanciest unit. I prefer performance and durability, which is why this is my go to. It’s withstood the test of time and is built to last for over a decade with just routine maintenance. Some of the newer trendy machines have gone out on people in under a year, but not the Volcano. It is built with a durableness that just isn’t common nowadays. Newer technology, including these damned smartphones, seem to have a 1-year lifespan before stuff starts to get weird. Vaporizers are no different. None of them match the durability of the reigning champ.

The Volcano uses true convection technology, with no heating elements touching your bud. After the Volcano is preheated, a fan will blow the hot air through the chamber and into the balloon. This is a really efficient way of vaporizing because you’re not pulsing the device. Anytime you start and stop vaping on other devices, there will inevitably be waste. With the Volcano, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s maximally efficient because it vaporizes your bud in one swoop. Also, since it doesn’t combust your bud, it’s better for your lungs than smoking.

The performance of the Volcano has yet to be equaled. Whether this unit is right for you or not comes down to preference in vaping styles and budget. If you like a balloon-style unit, this is the best their is and the best overall in my opinion.

#2 – Plenty

plenty desktop unitThe Plenty is a lot different than the Volcano, but it’s made by the same company (Storz & Bickel) so it’s also very durable. While the Volcano uses pure convection technology, the Plenty uses a mix of conduction and convection. It’s main method is convection, but your compound will be sitting on a hot surface, even when you’re not actively taking a draw. This will inevitably cause some degree of vaporization.

If your goal is to get the most efficient vaporizer, this is not it. However, I don’t want you to think it’s some slouch. It’s by no means inefficient. It’s just not as efficient as it’s balloon-style superior. it’s still a very efficient way to use and conserve your bud. It even comes with capsules for micro dosing, in case you don’t want to go too hard.

Even though it’s not a 100% convection device, it’s well designed and produces some top notch vapor. If you’re a whip-style kind of person, this is a very good option. It’s not as efficient as the volcano, but you’ll still get very good vapor production and it’s the best whip on the market.

#3 – VapeXhale EVO

vapexhale hydratubeThe VapeXhale EVO is awesome! But the durability issues are what put it at #3. If you buy one of these, chances are you’re going to have to buy another HydraTube at some point, which will run you $129.99. They have a cheaper Hydra Mouthpiece for $39.99, which is like a mini version of the HydraTube.

Now with the main con out of the way, it’s actually an excellent vape. Vapor quality is definitely top notch, no ifs ands or buts about it. It produces a very pure vape that comes off the all glass path. The glass nature of this vape is what makes it less durable, but it’s also what makes it an excellent option for health conscious individuals. The chamber is stainless steel and is the only piece that touches the vapor that isn’t glass. If you’re using concentrates in the glass nail, you’ll have a 100% glass experience.

This is a true convection vape, and is very efficient. You’ll notice that you can pull the chamber out right after using it. That means the chamber isn’t vaping your herb when on standby. The only true con of this device is the price/durability ratio. It’s worth every single penny if you can manage not to break any of the glass pieces. If you or one of your clumsy friends breaks a piece, than you may be a little pissed when you have to shell out a decent chunk of change to get back up and running. If you buy this vape, just be careful and you’ll really enjoy this vaping experience for years to come.

Desktop vs Portable

You can stop reading here if you already know the main difference between the two heating technologies. One of the biggest differences between desktop and portable vaporizers is the way each of them heats the compound. It really comes down to convection vs conduction.

Portable units are too small to use true convection technology, so they settle for conduction. Conduction is when the compound makes direct contact with a heating element. To use a cooking analogy, heating up food in a skillet would be conduction. Similarly to heating up food in a skillet, your bud will be directly touching something really friggin’ hot. This can cause it to heat up unevenly and in some instances, combust.

Not all portable or conduction units will cause combustion, but it can and does happen.

Convection, on the other hand, does not use a direct heating element. To stick with the cooking analogy, it works a lot like an oven. In fact, the chamber that holds your material is also called an oven. Just like an oven, the chamber is heated up to a specific temperature, enabling it to vaporize oils and dry material. This allows the chamber to heat your compound evenly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

The best desktop units use convection technology. If you’re tight on funds, then you can get a conduction unit for cheaper. But the convection devices will vaporize your bud more efficiently, allowing you to conserve your bud while still getting a pure and intense high.

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