Pod mods are the most convenient way to vape, hands down. That's why they've had a meteoric rise in popularity. Even avid sub-ohm vapers can appreciate the ease and simplicity of these little devices.

They're really great and all, but which one should you get? There are so many options to choose from. To make your search easier, I've created a list of the best nic salt devices on the market (you can use regular nicotine too). You can't go wrong with any of the devices below, so pick the one that best suits your vaping style.

Top Pod Mods of 2019

Pod System Price Pod/Battery Usage Rating
Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go $54.95 3mL/950mAh Best overall, hands down!
SMOK Fit 16W $15.99 2mL/250mAh Best for nic salts
SMOK Nord 15W $21.95 3mL/1100mAh Best vapor production
Aspire Nautilus AIO 12W $27.95 4.5mL/1000mAh Great flavor and MTL draw
Artery Pal II $34.95 3mL/1000mAh Durable sleek design, pod concealed
Lost Vape Orion Q 17W $23.95 2mL/950mAh A simple, quality vape
Innokin DV 15W $24.95 2.8mL/500mAh Feature rich, cool design
Lost Vape Orion DNA Go

1. Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40W

Let's be honest, a DNA chip in a pod system is kind of overkill. But it makes for one helluva vaping experience! It's the most feature-rich and versatile device on the market. It comes with three different wattage settings: high (red), medium (blue), and low (white).

It has adjustable airflow that's positioned on top of the tank. You don't have to worry about accidentally blocking the airflow. It comes with a 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm coil. The flavor is quite pleasurable and the 0.25ohm coil kicks out a ton of vapor. It has a 950mAh battery and the pod holds 3mL of juice. The Orion DNA Go also boasts replay mode. With replay mode, you can get this system to duplicate your favorite draw over and over again.

All-in-all, this is the best pod device on the market and will probably stay that way for some time to come. I mean, who else is going to put a DNA chip in a pod system? If you're not price shopping, this device is one you should strongly consider. It simply gives the most satisfying vaping experience.

SMOK Fit pod system

2. SMOK Fit

The SMOK Fit is a sleek little pod system that is both convenient and affordable. But don't be fooled by the small form factor, this thing thumps. You will get a strong hit off of the Fit. The draw is not super tight. It's a medium MTL draw that gives off some seriously flavorful vapor.

Even though this system has a stealthy form factor, the pod holds 2mL of e-liquid. Other devices this size often hold less than 1mL of e-liquid. The pods are refillable, they don't leak, and your Fit will come with two of them. They last quite a while. Another good thing about these pods is that you don't have to remove it to refill it. Pretty convenient.

The Fit has a 250mAh battery and pumps out 10-16W of power, which is nice for a stealth system. If you are pounding the Fit all day, you might have to charge it (20m to full charge). But if you're using a strong nic salt, which is what the Fit is designed for, this device should last you all day long.

Overall, this device is great at what it does. It's a no-frills pod system that's super easy to use and won't bulge in your pocket. It's draw-activated fire is quick and reliable and it's cotton wick prevents dry hits. If you're looking for a pocketable pod system that will outperform its size, look no further.


3. SMOK Nord 15W

The SMOK Nord gives you two completely different vaping experiences. If you use the 1.4ohm coil, you will enjoy a loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape. But with the 0.6ohm mesh coil, you will get a direct-to-lung (DTL) experience with tons of vapor to boot.

The flavor comes through great because it uses coils that you would expect to see in a sub-ohm tank. The coils sit vertically and are very close to your mouth. That combination equals huge flavor.

The battery is a built-in 1100mAh cell and pushes out 15W of power. Battery life will vary depending on which coil you're using. With the 1.4ohm coil, you'll get all-day battery life. If you use the 0.6ohm mesh coil (which is a beast), you might have to charge your Nord before the end of the day.

The Nord will give you an unregulated vaping experience with safety features. It does not have adjustable modes (or airflow). To fire it, you press the button on the front. This is not a draw-activated device.

Lastly, the build quality on the Nord is solid. It feels like a durable device and is quite comfortable in hand. It's small enough to easily fit in your pocket, but big enough to hold an 1100mAh batter.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

4. Aspire Nautilus AIO

The Aspire Nautilus AIO is basically the upgraded version of the Aspire Breeze 2. The devices look and work similarly. Both give you a simple unregulated experience and are refillable. One thing the Nautilus AIO does have that the Breeze 2 doesn't is bottom adjustable airflow. You have to remove the pod to adjust it, but you don't have to remove the mouthpiece.

This little system actually kicks out a lot of vapor. The coil is basically the same coil that came with the original Nautilus, so I'm not surprised. The flavor is darn good for a pod system. It's much better most of the crap on the market today and the vapor is nice and warm. It comes with two 1.8ohm coils, so don't expect a DTL vape. The draw is pretty tight, giving you a true MTL experience. Even with the airflow all the way open, it's still an MTL vape. Albeit a little looser MTL, but still an MTL.

You will get a regulated vape experience with the Nautilus AIO but you can't change the power output. It outputs at a constant 12W. The battery is 1000mAh and the coil is 1.8ohm so you'll get really good battery life out of it. It should be able to last you all day without a problem. Unless you just vape it to smithereens, I suppose it's possible to run out of power.

The build quality is pretty standard but it doesn't feel the most durable. It's good, but nothing that will make you want to run over it with your car. Basically, it doesn't feel cheap but it doesn't feel indestructible either. It is pretty lightweight so try not to sit on it too much. It's much lighter than the Breeze 2.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

5. Artery Pal II

In my opinion, the Pal II is a hate it or love it kind of system. The mouthpiece is slim and wide, kind of like a whistle. The airflow and fire button placement are awkward to some vapers, but others love it. It's a quirky vape, but it does look stunning. I love that the pod isn't exposed. So sleek looking! But that also makes it harder to refill and adjust the airflow.

The coils are wicked up with a wood pulp and cotton blend, which bodes well for the flavor and durability. They do not disappoint. I would say the flavor is above the industry average, but not knock-your-socks off spectacular. The adjustable airflow is kind of annoying. You have to remove the battery door and the pod, just to adjust it. But I guess I can't be too mad about it because some systems don't have adjustable airflow at all.

The Artery Pall II is an unregulated-style device (3.2-3.4V). But it does feature a battery light indicator that flashes blue when your battery is fully charged. It'll flash purple when halfway, and red when low. And it does have the standard safety features.

The battery life will vary based on the coil you use, similar to other systems. It has a 1000mAh battery, so you will get pretty good battery life regardless. You will get stellar battery life with the 1.2ohm round-wire coil. But I prefer to sacrifice a little battery life for the sub-ohm mesh experience (0.6ohm).

The Pal II is a very lightweight device. It feels pretty durable due to its aluminum body. It's hard to make a device that's super lightweight and super durable, but this is a good stab at it. On the positive side, the device is pretty small and boasts a 3mL max e-liquid capacity. It's kind of like carrying a fat credit card.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

6. Lost Vape Orion Q 17W

The Orion Q is a simple-to-use refillable pod mod. It doesn't have all of the features as the Lost Lost Vape DNA Go, so it's not for the feature aficionado. The Orion Q puts out 17W of power with each draw. It doesn't have variable wattage, but it keeps a constant output until it dies.

The vapor it gives off is warm and it comes off in flavorful abundance. It's definitely a satisfying experience. It holds 2mL of e-liquid and has a 1ohm coil. The 1ohm coil paired with the 950mAh work well together. This combination gives you all-day battery life, which is nice. The pod should last you from one to two weeks, depending on your usage. You can also use the 0.5ohm pods that were made for the DNA Go. But you cannot use the 0.25ohm pods.

All-in-all, the Orion Q is a solid performer and would serve you very well as a daily driver. And it's much more affordable than the DNA Go and looks just as good.

Innokin DV

7. Innokin DV

The Innokin DV is a pretty good device, that gives you the option of draw-activated firing or push button firing. The flavor that comes off the 0.5ohm mesh coil is solid. Coil placement plays a big role in the flavor, and this coil sits as close to your mouth as possible. It sits in the mouth piece.

You will get a nice mouth-to-lung experience when using the DV. The draw is on the tighter side but not super tight. It sits between a loose MTL and a tight MTL. So I guess that would be a perfect MTL? The pod can hold up to 2.8mL of e-liquid and is refillable. When you fill it, you will have to pay close attention to see through the dark colored pod.

The DV is a regulated device that also boasts variable wattage. It has four wattage settings: 12W, 13W, 14W, and 15W. It's easy to operate too. You just hold the bottom button until you see the wattage change. It round robins back to 12W after you get to 15W.

The 500mAh battery will probably not last you all day. If you aren't a heavy users, you might be able to squeeze a whole day out of it on the 12W setting. Maybe. The coil is 0.5ohm, so it requires more power than a 1+ohm coil. It would be nice if it came with some other coil options.

Overall, the DV is a solid device that has robust features that could make it a real contender for your consideration.

What Is A Pod Mod

A pod mod is a small e-cig that is designed to use refillable or disposable pods. The pods are little cartridges that hold between 0.5mL and 3mL of vape juice. These devices are usually mouth-to-lung style vapes and are filled with high nicotine e-liquid. Many vapers like to use them because they're easy to use and ultra convenient.

The Difference Between Salt Nicotine and Regular Nicotine (Free Base)

Nic salts were designed for pod systems and to mimic the buzz of smoking a cigarette. Nic salts are really strong but not as harsh as regular nicotine. Pods give off less vapor, which means they needed stronger vape juice.

By using a nic salt device, you will get a closer feel to a cigarette. This could possible help more with nicotine cravings. You can use regular nicotine in your systems as well, but at the same strength the vapor will feel much harsher.

How Long Do Refillable Vape Pods Last

Pods usually last about two weeks. But the time your pods last will vary greatly depending on usage and which system you have. Some pods will last about a week, while others can last up to a month.

Some systems have pods that just require you to change the coil, but you use the same pod.

Can You Use Regular Vape Juice In A Pod System

Yes, you can use regular vape juice. But it's best to use stronger e-liquids because you won't get as much vapor with a pod system.

Most pod systems work better with 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid. Higher VG liquids are thicker and can lead to dry hits. Although, certain systems can handle high VG liquid without a problem. The smaller systems work best with nic salts, but can run on regular vape juice as well.

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