Squonk is a word that sounds like it belongs in a Dr Seuss book. And the way these mods work would have sounded like an unlikely fantasy just a few short years ago. Well, the future has arrived once again. Are you ready to step into it?squonking mod

How Does a Squonk Work

Squonk mods house an e-liquid reservoir inside the mod. By squeezing the reservoir, e-liquid squirts up onto your atomizer. By squonking, you avoid the hassle of constantly dripping juice onto your wick.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a squonk mod and start squonking. You also have to get an RDA that is compatible with your new mod. A compatible RDA will have a hole in the middle of the center post. This little hole allows for the e-liquid to make its way from the reservoir to the atomizer.

Top Squonk Mods

1) DOVPO x TVC Topside Dual 200W

topside dual 200wAs the name suggests, the Topside Dual is a dual 18650 mod with top-fill. It takes the convenience of squonking even further. You don’t even have to remove the bottle to fill the reservoir.

The bottle holds up to 10mL of vape juice. That’s a lot.

You can fit up to a 28mm atomizer without having any overhang. This is a regulated device with variable wattage, variable voltage, and temperature control. Dovpo also makes this mod in a 90W, single 18650 version.

In my opinion, this is hands down, the best squonk mod on the market. It checks all the boxes and performs like a beast. You can get a good deal on it over at VaporDNA.

2) Wotofo X Mike Vapes Recurve 80W

wotofo mike vapes revurve 80WThe Recurve is more than just a good looking piece of equipment. It’s a well built mod that gives you an unregulated experience but with added safety features.

This is a very solid mod, the build quality really stands out. The Recurve also has contours and a rubberized coating that feels fantastic in your hand. The bottle holds 8mL of e-liquid.

One of the coolest features of the Recurve is the battery options. It’s compatible with 18650s, 20650s, 20700s, and 21700s. You will need adapters for the 18650s and 20650s, but the adapters come with the mod.

You will get some really good battery life out of the 21700s (single cell).

If you want to have an unregulated experience without all of the risk, this is a great mod to consider. You can order it at Element Vape.

3) HCigar Aurora 80W

hcigar aurora 80wThe Aurora 80W is another solid performer. It’s a single cell mod that goes up to 80W.

Just like the Recurve, you can use several battery types in the Aurora. It takes 18650s, 20700s, and 21700s (no adapter needed). The squonk bottle holds up to 7mL of juice and you can fit up to a 25mm tank without overhang.

This is a regulated device and comes with variable wattage and temperature control modes. The build quality is okay. It’s not as solidly built as the Topside Dual and Recurve.

All-in-all, it’s still a pretty good mod and performs well. You can get it at Element Vape.

Benefits of Squonking

The benefits of squonking can be summed up in one word, convenience.

The best thing about squonking is avoiding the hassle of dripping. That’s the biggest benefit by far. No more fiddling around with top caps and vape juice. It pretty much removes the second biggest drawback of dripping (second to building and wicking coils).

The other huge benefit to squonking is that you don’t have to worry as much about over-dripping. Excess e-liquid is free to return back to the reservoir. With a traditional RDA, over-dripped e-liquid will end up running down your mod.

How To Squonk Properly

  1. Prime the coil like you would a regular RDA.
  2. Squeeze the squonk bottle for several seconds until the cotton saturates.
  3. Put the top cap on.
  4. Fire your mode and take a vape.

It’s a good practice to prime a fresh wick. You don’t have to, but you might as well since you have the top cap off already. It helps with making sure the cotton is completely saturated for your first hit.

When you first start squonking, feel free to take the top cap off to check your cotton. Eventually you’ll know how many hits you can take before needing to re-saturate your cotton.

Once you get a feel for it, you will be able to taste a difference in the vapor just before needing to squonk.

Can You Use a Tank on a Squonk Mod

Technically yes, but only in the form of an RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomizer). No matter what, you will have to use a rebuildable bottom feeding atomizer.

The Asmodus Nefarius Squonk is an example of an RDTA. This atomizer has four wicking ports for your cotton, and a hole in the center post to allow bottom feeding.

Are Squonk Mods Regulated

Squonk box mods come in both, regulated and unregulated versions. Some unregulated mods include regulated safety features. Regulated mods come with other benefits such as variable wattage, variable voltage, and temp control.

For vapers unfamiliar with mech mods, we highly recommend you start with a regulated mod if you want to squonk. Unregulated mods carry a lot more risk and have the potential to explode.

Before using an unregulated mod, you should understand Ohm’s Law and battery safety. Battery safety is important for any device that takes external batteries. If you’re an experienced mech mod users, you have nothing to worry about. Just carry on with the usual safe practices.

What Is A Squonk Pin

A squonk pin is a 510 center pin with a hole running through the center of it. It allows you to squirt vape juice through it with a bottom feeding mod. They most commonly come in two sizes, 2.5mm and 3mm.

You can replace the normal 510 pin on an RDA with a squonk pin. But finding a pin that fits and threads properly is a little bit of a guessing game. By researching online, you might be able to find which pins other vapers are using.

What Does BF Mean in Vaping

BF stands for “bottom feeding.” It can be used to describe bottom feeding RDAs or mods. BF devices are also called squonk RDAs/mods.

A bottom-fed RDA allows e-liquid to squirt through the center post, saturating the cotton. A BF mod has a reservoir that squirts e-liquid up through the hollowed out center pin when squeezed.

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