Some people call it e liquid, vapor juice, or even life saving liquid. It doesn't matter what you call it, all that matters is that you find the right vape liquid to keep you from ever thinking about another cigarette.

Flavors like menthol, dessert, fruity, tobacco, reserve, or even coffee help ex-smokers tremendously. Without the wide variety of flavors, hardly anyone would be able to transition from smoking to vaping successfully.

We're going to share some of our favorite liquids with you because who knows, maybe we have the same taste. In case you don't like the same kind of flavors as our team, we're also going to show you the most popular flavors among the vaping community. Grab your mod, take a smooth rip, and have fun finding your next bottle of life saving e-liquid.vaporfi liquid

Best E Juice Brands

  1. VaporFi
  2. NicQuid
  3. Mad Hatter Juice

What's the first word that comes to mind when you think about coffee? How about when you think about shoes? Reliable cars? Fast food?

More than likely, the answer to those questions was the brand name of a company who is the leader in that industry. When you say, “vape juice,” the first thing I think of is VaporFi. They're the leader in the e-juice market for good reason and could have easily been number one on our list. But the creations made in the Mad Hatter's lab are absolutely fan-friggin-tastic! Mad Hatter took the #1 slot solely based on the uniqueness and quality of their juice, not their marketing skills.

We put VaporFi at #2 because they make amazing juices and are very consistent. If you're not into creative concoctions, VaporFi is a better bet for you. They're reliable, flavorful, smooth, and consistent. Simply amazing.

Next on our list is a quality e-juice maker, NicQuid. To be #3 in this competitive marketplace is still a big deal. Their liquid is pure awesomeness.

Keep in mind that this list is always being updated. We reassess companies based on how their juices have been stacking up to the competition over the last several months. We generally update this list every 3-4 months.

VaporFi E Liquid

vaporfi logoThere are a lot reasons we love VaporFi, but we'll try to be brief. All the reasons you're going to read below are why, in our opinion, they're the clear cut #1 vape juice company.

First of all, VaporFi has shown that they care about your health. They have removed all diacetyl and acetyl propinoyl from their liquids. Regardless of whether you believe those chemicals cause popcorn lung or not, it's still a good thing that VaporFi is taking precautionary measures to keep you healthy. You can read our opinion here.

vaporfi catch ya latteAll of their e-liquids are also made in FDA registered labs, right here in America. They follow the strict FDA guidelines for cleanliness and the fact that they're US labs makes me a whole lot more comfortable.

As far as the actual juice goes, it's top notch just like their facilities and ingredients. They use kosher grade ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Their flavors have won awards and are juicy and robust. They have a lineup of over 30,000 flavors and you can also create your own juice. On their website, you can mix any three flavorings and create your own custom blend.

Basically, VaporFi's e-liquid has excellent full-bodied flavor and is made in FDA registered labs right here in America. It's smooth and each batch is consistent which you can't say about every company. For these reasons and many more, VaporFi is sitting comfortably at #2.


nicquid logoNicQuid is another company that makes their juices right here in the good ol' US of A.

They also use a very clean facility that is registered as an FED STD 209E Class 10,000 room. In regular people terms, that means it's clean as can be.

smoothol nicquidTheir e-liquid lineup is not as diverse as VaporFi, but their quality is just as good and it's also diacetyl and acetyl propinoyl-free. Their lineup has less than 50 flavors. They're not interested in quantity over at NicQuid. All they care about is the quality of their liquid and your satisfaction.

They keep a small lineup and test each flavor rigorously. Before they add a flavor to their lineup, it goes through months and months (literally) of testing. After they craft a flavor, they test it at different steep times. Since you don't vape every bottle of juice the day you get it, they want to know what their liquid is like weeks and months after it gets in your hands. That's why they have a lengthy steep testing phase.

I can appreciate a company that pours their heart into their work. It really shows in the quality of their vape juice.

For these reasons and many more, NicQuid is entrenched at #2 on our list of top brands.

Use the coupon code NIC0583VAPE to get 10% off NicQuid e-liquids.

Mad Hatter Juice

Coming in at #3 is a company like none other. Mad Hatter Juice crafts flavors that will make your mouth water at the thought of taking another draw. Seriously, they're that good!

mad hatter juice logoThey are a gourmet e-liquid company and they specialize in obnoxiously named concoctions that will blow you away. You can't go to their website and get a basic flavor like strawberry or mango. You can, however, get your hands on a flavor that goes by the name of, “I Love Donuts.” If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then maybe “I Love Cookies Too” or “Mr Macaron Straberry Cream” will get you excited.

I'm sparing your eyeballs from Mad Hatter's obsession of naming their liquids with all capital letters. This company is probably directed by a legitimate mad hatter. No body likes reading in all uppercase! Nonetheless, their vape juices are nothing short of exceptional. Especially the I Love Cookies. Just take it from Eric, who happens to be stuck in a state of pure euphoria.

i love cookies juice review

Eric wrote this review, clearly, while under the influence of the orgasmic effect of Mad Hatter Juice's e-liquid. If he were thinking clearly, he could have gotten a lot more for his juice (get your mid out of the gutter!). In all seriousness, their creations are scrumptious.

But we're going to be brutally honest here. You will either hate or love their e-liquids. And that's the truth. Most companies have basic flavors that can be mediocre, good, or bad. Mad Hatter has such different flavors that you'll most likely hate it or love it. Starting with a sampler pack would be wise and hopefully you love it as much as we do!


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