If you're looking for a box mod but have a tight budget, don't worry. For $50 you can get a really good box mod. You'd be surprised at what you can get for your money in the current market.

black-and-red-rx200sThe vaping industry is super saturated and competitive right now. There are hundreds of brands and they're all fighting for your dollar and loyalty. It's just perfect for us though! It's definitely a buyers market.

Now, if you want to get a starter kit (tank included) for the same price, the mod will not be nearly as good. Let's dive in and see what you can get for 50 bones.

Wismec RX200S – $48.95

This mod is a stud. It doesn't get much better than this for the price. It's made by Wismec and designed by Jay Bo. It's a top notch mod that packs tons of power and features.

It has a proprietary chipset that performs like an expensive DNA chipset. I'm not the only one who thinks that. The vaping community has come to a consensus that this specific mod vapes like it has a DNA chipset.

If it had a DNA chipset, it would cost over double what it costs now. It'll be interesting to see how much the next mod with this chipset costs since this one has gone over so well.

One thing that is for certain is that this mod vapes way above its pay grade. For the price, you can't beat it.

Battery Life and Power

For starters, the wattage range in phenomenal. It can go as low as 1W and as high as 200W. It's not like those cheap mods that claim they can vape at high wattages but fall short. The RX200S can actually do what it claims. It's powered by three 18650 batteries which is why it can crank out so much power. The batteries are not only good for putting out tons of power, they also contribute to the amazing battery life of the RX200S.

50-dollar-box-modIf you're anything like me, you rarely vape at 200W. Most of my tanks don't recommend vaping that high. Some of my tanks, like the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, do allow vaping at high wattages and it can be a lot of fun.

The clouds are insane when you hit the TFV12 at 200W. But to be honest, I don't do it that often. Having the ability to hit a tank at a high wattage whenever I please is what I like about 200+ watt mods.

The other good thing about have high wattage mods is that they use more batteries. Since this mod takes three batteries, I can vape on it all day at regular wattages. Vaping at 40-80W on the RX200S is a piece of cake. The batteries don't even break a sweat. I love that about this mod.


black-and-blue-wismec-modLet's start with the obvious. The RX200S is a variable wattage device as stated above. It can vape from 1W – 200W. Beast mode!

It also has temperature control functionality. You can choose a temperature as low as 200ºF or as high as 600ºF. In temperature control mode, you can use Ni200, titanium, or 316 stainless steel coils. The coils can range from 0.05ohm – 1ohm. In wattage mode, you can vape on coils in the range of 0.1ohm – 3.5ohm. The RX200S also has TCR mode and atomizer resistance lock functionality.

One of the main upgrades to the RX200S is the screen. It has a nice big screen that is just awesome. The screen is a 0.96 inch OLED monster. It's packed with tons of information and makes changing the setting a breeze. It's a vertical stack screen which just makes sense. The other upgrade is to the chipset. The RX200S chipset is a beast and is responsible for giving it all of these features.

But not only is the chipset feature rich, it also has upgradeable firmware. You'll be able to get the latest updates and keep your mod beasting for a long time to come.

  • Amazing battery life
  • Nice big screen (0.96″ OLED)
  • Temperature control
  • Wattage range (1 – 200W)
  • Resistance range (0.05ohm – 3.5ohm)
  • 200 – 600 degrees F
  • size (it's big, but you get used to it)
  • some tanks don't sit flush with the mod

That's pretty much it. If you hate big mods, this is not one you should buy. The RX200S is not the best mod to try and shove in your skinny jeans. But if you don't mind a bigger mod that has all day battery life and can power up any tank, then this is the best bargain on the market.


wismec-rx200s-box-modIf you're ready to pick up this mod, then you should know that you have several options when it comes to colors. There are five different color variations, but you'll only get to choose from what's in stock. These mods don't stay in stock for long so consider yourself lucky if you get to choose from all of the colors.

The color combinations are as follows: stainless steel, black/red, black/blue, black/white, and black/cyan. My personal favorite is the black/white combo but it doesn't match as many tanks as the other color combos. I just love art deco vibes. The good thing is you can change out the faceplate or buy a wrap for your mod if you ever want to change the color.

The Bottom Line

There is not a better mod under $50. This mod has everything you could ask for in a mod but costs half the price of mods with similar features. You can use this mod for a long time to come since it goes up to 200W and has upgradeable firmware.

If you're just now getting into more advanced vaping gear, you'll be able to use this mod with your beginner tanks. You'll also be able to grow as a vaper without being forced to get a new mod. When that new beastly sub ohm tank comes out and you want to get it, this mod will be able to fire it without a problem. That's the beauty of this tank. It's versatile and is a great mod for the beginner and advanced vaper alike.

If you want a box mod under $50 that performs like a $150 mod, then this is the mod to buy. Click here to buy your Wismec RX200S for under $50.

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