The vape marketplace has become very crowded over the last couple years.

Some of the newer shops are downright terrible. They're money focused and have awful customer service. And some of the older ones are out of touch and outdated. They haven't adapted with the times and aren't meeting the current demand for new devices and liquids.

Basically, you can't judge a shop based on it's age in this fast moving technological world. It's all about who's doing the best job right now. Unfortunately, some companies get complacent and slack off when they get to the top, which is why this list changes every year.

For legal reasons, we can't bash any of the untrustworthy shops. The best we can do is just keep them as far away from our list of good sites as possible.

10 Best Online Vape Stores of 2017

Direct Vapor Excellent selection, service, and prices. FREE shipping on all US orders
VaporFi 30,000 American made e-liquid flavors, great quality devices
JUUL Most realistic cigarette-like throat hit Good deals and selection
Vape Bright Best CBD cartridge for pain relief
Vapor DNA Epic flash sales
My Freedom Smokes In business since 2008, great service
Central Vapors Great e-liquid, unique device selection
Vista Vapors Unique device selection
Mount Baker Vapor Awesome e-juice, niche selection

Direct Vapor

Enough cannot be said about the team over there at Direct Vapor. They've risen to the top of the vaping industry quickly due to their excellent customer service and rock solid business practices. They have some awesome bundles that are perfect for beginner vapers looking to up their game in one purchase and offer a price match guarantee that ensures you walk away with the best deal.

dv siteCustomer service is one of the most overlooked aspects of a vape store. Many companies don't focus on customer service, which inevitably results in unhappy customers.

From dealing with Direct Vapor myself, I can tell that customer service is one of their top priorities, if not their #1 priority. Their response time is pretty fast. I only frequent places that provide grade A customer service, even if that means paying a bit extra. Luckily, Direct Vapor is actually one of the best priced vape shops on the web.

Awesome prices are the norm at DV. When looking for a new device at my favorite online stores, Direct Vapor usually has the best price. In fact, they want you to get items as cheaply as possible. They know that most people aren't made of money and can't afford to pay a premium for their gear.

Given the nature of the product and how important it can be for you and your family, DV is committed to giving you the best price possible. This isn't just talk. They stand behind their commitment to serve the vape community and offer a price match guarantee. That means if you can find a device they carry at a cheaper price from a real site, they'll match the price.

This isn't some secret policy they have that they don't tell you about. No, it's plastered right there on their homepage because they want you to have the best price on your next purchase. I'm telling you, this company cares about you and actually serves their customers. That's friggin awesome, especially with their generous shipping policy.

Free shipping on all orders in the US is one of the many reasons vapers are in love with Direct Vapor. Most e-cig stores have a minimum order amount you have to reach before you can get free shipping. That amount can vary but is ofter north of $75.

My orders vary greatly and sometimes they don't cross $75. To get free shipping when I'm ordered some e-juice and coils is much appreciated. It saves me a lot of money too. Shipping on some of the other sites can be the price of my lunch. Don't take my lunch from me!

Other noteworthy policies include their commitment to rock solid ethics and just being awesome. They offer a generous 60 day warranty that includes free shipping. If your product has a manufacturer defect, they'll replace it and pay for the shipping both ways.

This does not include you dropping your vape off the balcony. It covers manufacturer defects only. I've seen companies that only offer a 48 hr warranty, so I really appreciate the 60 day warranty.

Their return policy is 15 days and they don't charge you a restocking fee like some of the other companies. Personally, I try to avoid returning items at all costs. I know the company takes a hit when they accept a return, especially without charging a restocking fee.

I don't know how hard the war on vaping is going to hit my favorite vape shops, so I try to patronize them and not take from their bottom line. I wan't them to be around five years from now even though the FDA and select politicians don't seem to want the same thing.

One last thing to mention is that they do not sell clones. I love that and am not a big fan of the knockoffs to be honest.


  • Expensive shipping outside of the US
  • Can't checkout as guest


  • Top notch customer service
  • Price match guarantee
  • Wide variety of devices and liquids
  • Generous 60-day warranty, no return restocking fee
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Only carries authentic devices
  • Very trustworthy and reputable business

Click here to shop at Direct Vapor, the best vape site in the world


Ex-smokers are a huge focal point of VaporFi's business, which we love. You can tell they put a lot of energy into designing devices that are easy to use for smokers looking to become ex-smokers. We love that about VaporFi. Through all the hype about ridiculously high wattage devices, they've stayed true to their brand and have been making devices that are saving lives.

Even though they make extremely high quality and reliable devices, they are best knows for their American-made e juices. They have over 30,000 full-bodied flavors that will help cigarettes become a distant memory.

vf site picDesigning their own devices gives VaporFi a huge advantage over reseller shops. Resellers only sell devices that other companies make. VaporFi actually designs devices to fit the ever evolving needs of the vape community, especially those who are looking to make a lifestyle change that'll benefit their whole family. That's just pure awesomeness.

Don't be afraid to give them some feedback on their devices. Since they design them, they can actually tweak their next device to include you suggestion if it's a popular suggestion. You never know, your suggestion could be responsible for helping more people get off cigs for good.

Another unique thing about VaporFi is that they are actually ahead of the times as far as quality and regulations are concerned. They are a super legitimate company and they go above and beyond to follow the regulations the FDA has set, and has yet to set.

They do a great job of staying ahead of the curve, which ensures they'll be around to serve us for a long time to come. I have no doubt in my mind that VaporFi will already be compliant before the next set of regulations hit.

I can almost guarantee you that some of these companies are selling e-liquid that was slammed together in their mom's basement, which could lead to all kinds of impurities in their liquid and your lungs. But you won't have to worry about that with VaporFi. All of their liquids are crafted in FDA registered labs to ensure their juices stay clean and pure.

They deserve to be at the top of this list without question.

Making e-liquids is an art that few have mastered. VaporFi is one of the few companies that have mastered the art of mixing and blending. The cool part is, they let you try your hand at the art of crafting e-liquids as well.

They don't trust your skills enough to send you a kit, but they do allow you to mix up to three flavors together to make your own blend. With all of the blending options, they have over 30,000 e-juice options in their lineup. All of their e-liquids are diacetyl and acetyl propinoyl free in case you are concerned about bronchiolitis obliterans, aka popcorn lung.

Their policies are also A1. Since they make and distribute their own gear, they can have a crazy good warranty and return policy. If a vape shop that resells other name brand vape gear were to have similar policies as VaporFi, they'd be betting on the quality of the manufacturers which can vary from time to time.

VaporFi offers an unprecedented 90-day warranty and 30-day return policy. That's how confident they are in their devices. Their devices are still more expensive than the mods you can buy at a reseller's shop, but maybe now you can start to see why. To offer policies like that, you have to make quality products or else you'd go out of business.

Wanna take a gamble and guess how good their customer service is?

Customer service is clearly a major focal point in VaporFi's business model. Their overly generous policies should hint to you how much they care about their customers. Getting in touch with VaporFi is always an easy and speedy process. They reply to inquiries very promptly and are pretty darn good at satisfying their customers. How do you think they survived this long, even though they had ungodly prices just a few months ago? People will pay more for quality products and quality customer services.


  • Free shipping over $75 (this is on the higher side)
  • Can't checkout as guest


  • Focus on easy to use devices for new ex-smokers
  • Excellent e-liquid quality and selection
  • Great device quality
  • 90-day warranty, 30-day return policy
  • Loyalty program
  • 10% home delivery program
  • Fully compliant with FDA
  • Awesome customer service

Click here to take advantage of VaporFi's new low prices

JUUL Vapor

They've created something special that will surely help tons of people quit for good. The JUUL is a unique little pod mod that is stealthy yet packs a powerfully satisfying punch.

juul vapor websiteThis is our favorite pod mod by leaps and bounds. The way it vapes is distinctly different than other pod mods, yet it's hard to put your finger on it. Some say it's the nicotine salts, while others say that the nicotine salts are all hype. I don't care if it's the nic salts or if it's because of the rectangular shape, this thing hits like a champ.

Throat hit champion, is actually the first phrase that comes to mind when I think of the JUUL. Reason being, it has the most realistic cigarette-like throat hit out of any device I've ever vaped. This is fantastic, because that's one of the hardest things about quitting cigarettes. Getting the nicotine is easy with all the gadgets and gizmos out there. I could chew some nic gum and wear a patch and I'd be overflowing nicotine out of my pores, but still find myself reaching for a cigarette.

That's because there's more to satisfy than just your body's nicotine craving. Throat hit is one of those things that you will still crave after making the switch. Well, thanks to the JUUL it just got a whole lot easier to satisfy.

The auto-ship discount is a great way to save money on JUUL pods. You get 15% off of your monthly pod shipment when you sign up for auto-ship. You also get free shipping, which makes this kind of a no-brainer for anyone who uses the JUUL as their daily vape.

If you are tired of fumbling around with coils, cotton, and filling your tank over and over, then you should give the JUUL a try. If you've already transitioned to vaping but still are looking for a nice throat thump, then you should try the JUUL. Lastly, if you're still smoking, stop reading and order the JUUL right now.

Click here to get your hands on the throat hit champion.

Deals galore is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of this company. Their homepage has a slide show at the top that features some of the best deals around.

Of course, they can't afford to let every product go for rock bottom prices, but the ones that they do cut the price on make for amazing deals. I should note that they do give great deals on new releases. You might think they just clear out old stuff, but that's not the case. They had the TFV12 Cloud Beast King for $24.95 shortly after it was released.

At the time of this writing, they still have it for sale at $24.95. You may have paid somewhere around $40 for it like me lol. At least we're supporting an industry that actually supports us. Paying a little more for vaping gear is different that farting money over to McDonald's.

Authentic gear only is the policy at, something I can appreciate. Not selling clones may not make them as much money, but it shows they have a commitment to only delivering quality devices to your doorstep. Also, it shows they care about the livelihood of our beloved modders and artisans. The way someone can picture a new device in their head and then craft it still blows my mind.

Customer service is grade A at as well. I like how easy it is to get in touch with them. Their phone number is clearly displayed at the top right-hand corner of their website, right next to the words “Toll Free.” While toll numbers may be a thing of the past (I've never called a number that wasn't toll free), I can appreciate the encouraging text. It shows they don't mind taking calls all day.

They also have live chat on their website which is awesome. If you're anything like me, talking on the phone might not really be your thing. I'm always hesitant to call but I'll fire away in a live chat box in a split second. The feature is much appreciated.

Return policy is 30 days which is pretty darn good. It's actually awesome since it doesn't just include unopened or unused devices. Some companies say their return policy is 30 days, but it only includes unused or unopened devices. A little misleading if you ask me. But at, if you're not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days. You'll be charged a 15% restocking fee which is standard for returns of used items.


  • Website could be a little smoother
  • Can't checkout as guest


  • Grade A customer service
  • Free shipping over $40
  • Authentic devices only
  • 30-day return policy
  • Great selection
  • Amazing deals
  • Live chat

Visit and checkout their deals

Vape Bright

We added this company to the list for two main reason. Number one, their product is absolutely fantastic. Secondly, to raise awareness of cannabidiol (CBD).

vape bright screen shotSadly, most people have never heard of CBD and have no clue what they're missing out on. We want to expose you to cannabidiol and a company that's doing it the right way in the CBD space.

First, let's talk a little bit about CBD so you can get a little background information. CBD is the major cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. There are over 60 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, but CBD is the most prominent one. The hemp plant is a type of cannabis sativa that has virtually no THC. Keyword being virtually. It has only trace levels of THC, but definitely not enough to get you high. People do not vape CBD to get high, they do it for the other benefits, mainly pain relief.

Research has shown that CBD can provide tremendous relief from inflammatory and neuropathic pain. You can read more about that here. I encourage you to read the research on CBD so you can get up to speed on the amazing benefits that come along with it. Now, let's talk about the best company in the cannabidiol vape industry.

Pure CBD is always my preference because I'm not vaping it for flavor. That's the only thing Vape Bright sells. Their sole focus is on producing the most pure and powerful CBD money can buy. And they do a darn good job of it. Other companies add all kinds of chemicals into their oil, which is a big turnoff for me. It makes me think that they're trying to compensate for their less effective hemp oil.

Vape Bright doesn't have to compensate for anything. Their CBD oil stands alone with a host of benefits. It's also healthier when you don't have to inhale unnecessary chemicals. There is no reason to add chemicals to pure CBD, because the chemicals will not add to the benefits of CBD.

Each cartridge has 200mg of CBD, which is a great amount for the price. You will get a $25 discount if you order a 5-pack, and you can couple it with the most recent coupon code to save even more money.


Click here to enjoy all the benefits of Vape Bright's pure CBD cartridges.

 Mount Baker Vapor

They may be best known for their e-juice line, which is excellent btw, but they also offer a nice selection of devices at reasonable prices.

Their device lineup is one of the reasons they made it into our top five online vape shops. They don't carry all the same devices that you'll find on other sites. You'll find some lesser known brands and some harder to find gear on their site. Some of their pen mods are especially hard to find.

While I don't recommend mech mods for the vast majority of people, there are some people who are well versed in battery and mech mod safety and could find a nice mechanical mod at Mt Baker Vapor.

But if you're looking for the latest mainstream devices, it'll be hit or miss at Mt Baker Vapor. Sometimes they have them, other times they don't. Their prices are always really reasonable so it'd be worth it to take a peak.

Return policy is 14 days, which is on the lower side but it's not that bad. As long as you request a return within two weeks, they actually give you two more weeks from the time of your request to mail the item. This policy is for mods, not atomizers. So if you request a return on day 9, you get 14 more days to send the item. It must be postmarked within those 14 days.

So really, they give you an extra two weeks to return it which is very considerate. In the scenario that it's your only device because you just decided to quit smoking, but it isn't quite satisfactory, their policy would give you two weeks to get another device to bridge you over. That way you don't have to spend a day without a vape in your hand.

Customer service is also easy to reach with a live chat feature on their website, phone, and email support. The team over at Mt Baker Vaper will definitely take care of you like you're one of their own. They get an A in my book because they come off as truly genuine, caring, and knowledgeable.

They'll answer any of your questions, steering new vapers in the right direction or resolve any issues you might be having. It doesn't get much better than that.

E-juices from the Mt Baker Vapor line never seem to disappoint and are very reasonably priced. They are massively popular with vapers all across the world. If you haven't tried them yet, you're missing out. International shipping may hurt a little bit, so order enough to make it worth it if you're not in the US. If you're into desert flavors, definitely give the cinnamon roll e-liquid a go. You won't be disappointed, I can tell you that much.

The only downside to their e-juices won't effect the vast majority of vapers. They don't offer zero nic vape juices. If you're trying to get off nicotine completely, then you'll have to shop elsewhere. This won't effect the vast majority of vapers, so it's really a nit pic on my end but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Click here to shop at Mt Baker Vapor (definitely try their e-juice).


  • Popular devices not always carried
  • Don't offer zero nic e-liquid


  • Awesome e-juice line
  • Great customer service
  • Unique device lineup
  • Loyalty program
  • Free shipping over $50

Vapor DNA

Let's start by stating the obvious, their site is friggin sexy!

In an industry where a lot of sites bombard you with loads of stuff on their homepage, shoving the whole gambit in your face, VaporDNA stands out by using a simplistic and spacious design. It's kind of like they actually care about my eyeballs while other companies just try to throw all of their products at me. I love it.

Legendary flash sales might just be my favorite thing about VaporDNA, and that's the main reason they eked out a position in the top five. When they have a sale, they really are dedicated to blowing out their inventory and giving you an amazing deal. I've gotten reputable brand name sub ohm tanks for under $10 and beastly mods for under $20 during some of their epic sales.

The sales are few and far between but well worth it if you can catch one. Be sure to sign up for our email list to be notified of their next epic blowout sale.

Customer service at Vapor DNA is cool, but not quite as good as the service at Direct Vapor or VaporFi. After going back and analyzing the site with a critical eye, you can see the focus of the company. At the top of their website, they list their phone number and to left of it it says, “To Order.” There's no mention of customer service anywhere near the top of the screen.

What this tells me is they want you to order, but aren't as concerned with customer service. To find the customer service info, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the website. It's funny because the order number and the customer service number are the same, but I don't usually see the phrase “to order” and call it for customer service. Maybe I'm weird though.

Direct Vapor and VaporFi both have their phone number displayed clearly with not text surrounding it suggesting that we should only call to order. They also have links to “Customer Service” and “Support” displayed at the top of their website. This shows me that they want us to be able to easily get the help we need.

These subtle things may not seem like a big deal because they're not a big deal, but it tips you off to the focus of the leadership of the respective companies. With that said, Vapor DNA has good customer service, but I wouldn't necessarily call it great.

Return policy at Vapor DNA is 45 days, but it's a little confusing. You have to read it carefully to get the scoop. It's 45 days for unopened or unused devices. If the device is opened, you have to send pictures and tell them the reason you're returning it. They will accept or deny your return at their discretion.

If they accept your return, you have to clean the device before sending it in or they'll send it right back to you at your expense. If you send it in and they accept it, you'll be refunded but you'll also be charged a 15% restocking fee. For unused and unopened devices, you will not be charged the restocking fee.

To be honest, the whole return process seems like a pain in the rear end. Reading their policy was also a pain in the arse due to the sporadic use of ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS lol. I kind of got the message that they hate returns.

Great selection and a cool website are two of the areas Vapor DNA excels.

They always have a wide variety of tanks and mods to choose from. You'll find the hottest new releases on their site, as well as a few tried and true classics. They seem to focus more on keeping their inventory new and fresh than stocking the oldies but goodies. Whether you just want to browse brand new releases or buy the hottest mod, Vapor DNA would be a good place to accomplish both of those things.

Integrated YouTube reviews are one of the cooler features of their site. I find it to be both innovative and convenient. When you click on a popular item and go to the product page, you'll notice that they embed YouTube reviews under the product description. It's super convenient to be right their on the product page and being able to watch a review or several reviews of the product. It'll save you a lot of time.

They also have product page called “YouTuber's Choice.” It showcases some of the most highly praised tanks, e-liquids, and mods from YouTube reviewers. It's a cool way to find some awesome vape juices that you would have never tried or try a new device that may have flown under your radar.

Free shipping on all orders over $49 is pretty solid. That's a price point that my orders often exceed. VaporFi offers free shipping over $75, but I don't go over $75 as much as I go over $49. If you're buying a new mod, chances are you'll spend over $49. But if you're just buying a tank, you'll probably have to pay for shipping. One thing I like to do to save money on shipping is to throw in a couple bottles of e-liquid.

It can be a good trick if your order is in the ballpark range on $49, but not quite a good trick if your just getting replacement coils.


  • A little expensive for a reseller
  • Average customer service
  • Confusing return policy


  • Great selection
  • Amazing flash sales
  • Innovative website
  • Free shipping over $49
  • Reward program

Click here to visit VaporDNA.

My Freedom Smokes

The strong suit of this shop is their wide range of products. They've been in the game for nearly a decade and have adapted with the times quite well if you ask me.

After being in business that long, they know their customers like the back of their hand. It's pretty cool to see a company grow with their customer base and continue to excel. The products they were selling in 2008 have evolved greatly and they had no problem keeping up with the evolution of vaping.

Tip of the cap to My Freedom Smokes for helping people live a healthier lifestyle since 2008.

Diy e-juice supplies can be purchased at MFS which is pretty cool. If you haven't tried your hand in the art of crafting the perfect e-liquid, I highly recommend it. You'll have a new appreciation for your favorite e-juices, that I can almost guarantee.

Customer service is also stellar at MFS. They have a live chat feature on their website as a customer service link right at the top of their homepage.

Their website is a little busy for my taste, but it has a nice underground vibe to it. There are 19 links in their top navigation bars, and that's a lot for my eyes to take in. I'm being nit picky, but I'm just blurting out my thoughts and opinions. I still love My Freedom Smokes and encourage you to patronize this fine establishment.

Click here to shop at one of the oldest vape sites around, My Freedom Smokes.

Central Vapors

Their e-juice line is very affordable, made right here in the US, and pretty darn good. They also have some unique devices in their lineup. Those two reasons are why they made the list.

E-liquids are not made well by eveyone, but Central Vapors does a good job of blending flavors that can be used as all day vapes. I can't vape a lot of liquids all day because they're too sweet, but I can vape CV's without a problem. I really have come to appreciate their liquids.

Good mods prices are a big plus. You can get some great deals that aren't even advertised as deals. They're just priced to sell. Central Vapors also carries some off the beaten path devices, as well as some of the most popular ones.

Free shipping over $50 is pretty good in my book. It's right at the sweet spot. Most vapers spend over $50 per order. A mod and a bottle of e-liquid or two should do the trick.

Where Central Vapors is losing ground to the competition is in their marketing. Their website is pretty plain, not nearly as flashy as their top competitors and their e-juice bottles are also plain.

I've purchased e-liquids solely because I loved the packaging and name of the liquid lol. When a company does it right it gives off a certain vibe that is alluring. Hey, I'm a human being. I make emotional decisions and buy things based on how they look sometimes.

If Central Vapors were to redesign their packaging and website, they'd be up there with the best of the best.

Click here to grab some gear from Central Vapors.

Vista Vapors

One of the things that makes them unique is their e-juice options. Not many companies allow you to mix your own flavors, but Vista Vapors does.

Mixing your own e-juice is something that VV allows you to do. You can mix two flavors and can order it in 17mL or 32mL bottles. It's not as robust as VaporFis three flavor options, but it still is nice to have another place to try your hand at vapetending. And you never know, you might happen upon a flavor combo that knocks the socks off of your old favorite.

Unique devices have been spotted at Vista Vapors, catch 'em if you can. But seriously, they do have a couple of lesser known devices that you might want to try if you're in the mood for something a little different than the mainstream gear. Sometimes I just want to be different, ya know?

They carry a variety of name brands, some lesser known and others are super popular. You can get a wide range of devices here, but they don't have a lot of depth in their lineup. If you're looking for a particular mod, then you might have to shop elsewhere. But if you're just browsing and haven't decided yet, give Vista Vapors a look.

Free shipping on orders crossing the $50 mark is nice and their easy to use website is another plus. It's laid out in a simplistic way that makes it easy to navigate.

Click here to browse Vista Vapors shop.

Best Brick and Mortar Vape Experience

premier vapor logoThere is one company that soars above the pack when it comes to the in-person vaping experience, and that's Premier Vapor®.

They have stores from coast to coast that provide the best vaping experience to date. They've listened to thousands of customers and fine tuned the vaping experience to best serve us. First things first, we all love deals. No body wants to pay full price for anything in this day and age. Premier Vapor® to the rescue!

On their big screen TVs, you'll find new deals every hour! This keeps it fresh and exciting, and allows you to enjoy more than one deal if you hang out for a while and enjoy some smooth vapors with the crew. These deals run all year long, even on holidays. Some companies jack their prices up on holidays, because they know people from out of town can be taken advantage of. I've seen it happen first hand. But that's what makes me appreciate a company like Premier Vapor® so much, perspective.

Futuristic Innovation

Having hourly deals is part of their innovative approach to serving us better. I love a good vaping deal, especially when I can get two of them in one trip. But the innovation doesn't stop there.

Upon entering a store, you will be able to use one of the many iPads to get all the information you need on the specs and quality of their products. Oh, and they also have projectors that project translucent-like images in the store. The layout of the store is beautifully designed with comfortable ultra modern furniture, giving it a futuristic feel. Visiting a Premier Vapor Lounge® location is like taking a trip into the future. Five years from now you will see many of the features in a lot of stores, but I don't want to wait five years for everyone to play catch up.

Read our full review or click here to find a location near you and take a trip into the future of vaping.

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