For years vapers have been fighting tooth and nail over the clone vs authentic debate. We are not here to chastise you for buying clones or for being opinionated. But we would like to weigh in on the issue and give our opinion on some of the arguments.

Our Personal Preference

We do not use clones. Never have and never will. It doesn’t mean that we’re “real vapers” and people who use clones are not. If anyone is throwing around the phrase “real vapers,” they need some sense knocked into their head. They are just dividing the vaping community which is the worst thing you can do at a time like this.


right-to-vape-contributorsWe don’t buy clones because we’ve owned small eCom stores in the past and wouldn’t like it if people were ripping our products. But we understand that it happens in a free market. As long as it’s done in a legal way, nobody should condemn you for your decisions. Being small business owners ourselves, our personal preference is to support small businesses. Even when the small business becomes a massive business, we still love to support entrepreneurs.

We also believe that the authentic retailers are more likely to support our right to vape. Looking at the top contributors to Rip Tripper’s Right to Vape fundraiser, we see several companies that we recognize as authentic retailers & producers. It doesn’t mean that any one vaper is better than the other. We all are vapers at the end of the day and we should stick together and stand up for our right to vape. Whether you do that by supporting companies who support our right to vape, donating yourself, or just spreading awareness, we all need to do something.

We Are Emotional Buyers

We buy with our emotions, not logic. We’re not afraid to admit that we are emotional buyers. It feels good to us to support small businesses because we can relate to them. It may sound like a stupid reason, but it’s the truth. Logically, it may make more sense to buy a clone that performs almost identically to the real deal. We’d save a bunch of money and still have a good vaping experience. But our emotions lead us to buying authentic devices.


You just bought an RDA clone and saved yourself $80. You’re so happy that you saved $80, you decide to donate some of it to a vaping organization. You do some research and decide to donate $40 out of the $80 you saved to CASAA.

Meanwhile, some internet troll is calling you a fake vaper because you bought a clone and they didn’t. They’re a real vaper because they bought a couple high-end RDAs and mods from an authentic retailer. They haven’t donated a single red cent to any vaping organization. The company might donate a few cents or a dollar from the purchase, but that’s 40x less than our clone buyer donated.

Who’s the “real vaper” in this situation?

The answer is both people. No matter how small, both people have contributed to supporting our right to vape. That’s not what makes you a real vaper, but it sure does sit well with the vaping community when you donate or support vaping campaigns. We’re all real vapers because we love to vape. Vaping has helped us avoid the dangers associate with cigarettes. It’s given us or our family members a fresh start, a healthier start. That’s what makes us real vapers.

Most Important Thing

vaporizer-penWe used to say that the most important thing was that people are getting off of cigarettes. While we still feel that that is one of the most important things to focus on, we have another equally important battle at hand. Now we say, the most important thing is protecting and fighting for our right to vape.

Without protecting our right to vape, none of us would be able to use vaping to quit smoking. We’re not downplaying the importance of the role that vaping plays in a smokers life. Instead, we’re just bringing awareness to an issue that is equally important, if not more important. We want to see as many people as possible quit the cigs. So we’ll continue to fight for your rights and for our rights as vapers.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where people are having the clone vs authentic argument, try to redirect the focus to supporting our rights as vapers. While there are some good arguments for both sides of the clone debate, it won’t matter if the vaping industry gets suffocated.

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