It's no secret that vaping can get expensive. A good coupon code can help lessen the cost of your next purchase. Some sites make it easy to find discounts while others do not. The bottom line is, I've spent way too much time trying to dig up coupons myself and you probably have too. It can be a tedious job soaking up hours of your time.

My goal for this page is to compile a ton of discounts over time to make it easy for you to get amazing deals. Below I've listed several of my favorite coupons and companies that I use. I will be adding to this list over time. Enjoy!

Vape Coupon Codes

vaporfi logo

VaporFi E Liquid Discount

VaporFi has, arguably, the best everyday vape juice money can buy. They're extremely consistent, clean, and produce delicious flavors that aren't overly sweet or flavored. They're best known for their e-liquid but sell pretty good devices as well.

central vapors logo

Central Vapors 11% Discount

Central Vapors is a smaller shop that carries a very affordable line of e-liquid. It's nothing too crazy, but it's relatively inexpensive but still feels like a high-quality liquid. It's smooth and hits just the right notes.

Hemp Bombs logo

Hemp Bombs 10% Off Coupon Code

Hemp Bombs is a one-stop CBD shop. They specialize in CBD products and carry a wide variety of products. Their CBD vape juice is especially well-made and delicious. They have pretty much everything CBD. From beard balm to infused gummies, you can find it at Hemp Bombs.

nicquid logo

NicQuid Coupons and Deals

NicQuid is another company that has pretty delicious vape juice. They don't have all the flavor options of a company like VaporFi, but they do have great everyday flavors and excellent menthol.

juul vapor logo

JUUL Pods Coupon

The JUUL is the classiest device on the market. It exudes elegance and an air of superiority. It's not a cheap device and doesn't feel like one either. It provides the best cigarette-like throat hit, making it the most ideal device for making the switch.

cigavette logo

Cigavette Coupon

Cigavette is a niche company that focuses mainly on devices that use cartridges and an e-cigar. If you're in the market for a cig-a-like or don't like dealing with loose e-liquid, then their devices may be of interest to you. They also offer a 20% off coupon code.

vape bright logo

Vape Bright Coupon

This is not your typical vape company. Vape Bright sell CBD cartridges which I personally use for pain relief. If you've never heard of CBD, you're in for a treat. These also make great gifts for people in need of what CBD has to offer.

vape bright logo

Mount Baker Vapor Discount Codes

Mt Baker carries devices, but their bread and butter is their e-liquid line. Albeit, they do carry some harder to find devices that aren't as mainstream. Even if you have no need for a device, their e-liquids are a must try.

Mount Baker Vapor logo

Vapexhale Discount

Vapexhale sells the Evo vaporizer which provides an all glass vaping experience. It's the only one of its kind that I'm aware of. If you want to try an all glass vape, then Vapexhale is the go-to company. Just don't drop it!

Urvapin logo

Urvapin 12% off Coupon

Urvapin has a huge selection of devices and offers free shipping world wide. Luckily, they make getting a deal so easy for you. All of their coupons and deals are published on one page.

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