A good cigar is a delicacy that few American cities know as well as Miami. I live in the heart of South Beach (Miami), where hand-rolled cigars are made five blocks from my apartment, right on Ocean Blvd.

Smoking them is awesome, until you think about what they’re doing to your health. Just minutes after taking a puff, your arteries start spasming and your body begins to get mad at you. I don’t think I need to go into detail about how horrible tobacco is. Hopefully you’re aware of the dangers, which is why you came to our site.

Surprisingly enough, you can get a freaking cigar vape that tastes very close to the real deal from Cigavette.com.



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The Cuvana E Cigar Review

There are two types of vape cigars on the market, disposable and rechargeable. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s all about preference. The Cuvana is a disposable e cigar, which is my preference.

I don’t like rechargeable ones because they’re a hassle and look dirty after a while. I don’t want to walk around with a dirty unit. It looks bad. The other reason I don’t like them is because they’re a hassle. Refilling and keeping them charged is messy and annoying. They’re more steps to using rechargeable units than an actual cigar. With a real one, I just cut and light. With rechargeable units, you have to maintain the liquid level, constantly taking it apart and putting it together, clean up the mess it makes, and make sure it stays charged.

With a disposable cigar, you don’t have any hassle. All you have to do is put it in your mouth and puff. That’s why I like disposable units. It’s all about convenience. I don’t want to spend extra time maintaining a unit because time is too valuable.


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Look and Feel

The Cuvana looks astonishingly real. If someone is several feet away from you, they’d have hard time telling if it was real or electronic. Even from close up you’ll be able to fool people who don’t smoke. An enthusiast will be able to tell the difference from up close, but from several feet away it’ll fool almost anybody. The ring size seems to be about a 48.

The tip has an LED light that pulses as you draw. It doesn’t just flash on and off, it shines according to how hard you draw. It’s little details like this that show you what a company is all about. Cigavette nailed it with this one and I appreciate this unit. It has helped me transition from smoking tobacco to a healthier, more convenient lifestyle.

Cuban Flavor

Smoking cigars is all about flavor and the Cuvana brings plenty of flavor to the table. Most people have never smoked an authentic Cuban cigar, which is good if you’re trying to go electronic. These don’t quite stack up the authentic Cuban cigars, obviously, but they’re damn good. This is a fine electronic cigar.

It has a mildly sweet tobacco flavor, reminiscent of a real Cuban. You’ll enjoy the flavor if you like a slightly sweet tobacco. If you hate sweeter cigars, this isn’t the one for you. It’s not overly sweet, but it does have sweet notes. The vapor production is nice and smooth with a good throat hit. Your vapor will depend on the strength you get. It comes in three strengths: 0, 12, and 18 mg of nicotine. The higher the nicotine, the stronger the flavor seems to be.

The 18 mg version provides the best cigar experience in my opinion, but the throat hit may be a bit much for someone who’s getting this just to try it. If you’ve never smoked before, the 12 mg would be a better option, or even the 0 mg one. The 0 mg version will be missing the essence of a cigar, but it’ll still have the flavor. You just won’t get any of the effects from the nicotine.


There are also some distinct advantages that an e-cigar has over a regular one. Storing them is a lot easier. You don’t need a really good humidor like you do for your regular cigars. They’re a lot more consistent too, which is not common with real ones. You don’t have to check your electronic unit for lumps or cut it either. You can smoke it in the house without pissing anyone off or endangering anyone. The vapor dissipates quickly and doesn’t stick to clothing or furniture.

The maintenance is minimal with this disposable unit and the benefits are pretty nice. Also, you don’t have to finish an electronic cigar in one sitting. You take several puffs and put it away. If you do that with a real one, you’ll have a disgusting smoke when you get back to it.

Overall, I enjoy smoking the Cuvana. It has a very realistic flavor and feel to it. The 18 mg unit is by far my favorite and has the strongest flavor. It isn’t quite a real cigar, but the flavor and experience is as close as it gets and is quite enjoyable. You don’t have to do any maintenance and it’ll last for around 1,800 puffs. You can get this fine e-cigar for only $29.95 at Cigavette.com.

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