Saving money on your eliquid can make a huge difference in your wallet. Vape juice is the most expensive part about vaping, and it can become a burden. Using coupons can lighten the load so you can keep more of the green stuff in your pocket.

vaporfi liquid

We all want to save money, because we deserve. Money doesn't just float to us, we earn every bit of it and deserve to keep as much as possible. Using the discount codes below will help you to do just that. I hope you save a truckload of money. No, I hope you save a boatload of money! I hope you save enough money to buy a brand new mod, the one you've been eying.

1) VaporFi Buy 3 Get 1 Free: AFBW8R4V

You can enter the discount code above or click the link in the bullet points and it will be automatically applied at checkout. It works either way, as long as you put all four liquids in your cart.

vaporfi logoThis is the best ejuice coupon in my opinion. It's the same as getting 25% off. Three e-liquids is a small order for some vapers, but I realize that's not in everyones budget. If you cannot afford three liquids, then hopefully one of the other coupons work for you.

I personally like VaporFi because they have a humongous selection and use high-quality ingredients. They have the biggest selection of any vape shop I've ever seen. Not only is there selection amazing, their liquids are just as top notch as their selection. Every now and then I try making a custom blend, but I'm not really that good at it. I didn't realize how much goes into concocting the perfect eliquid recipe until I tried mixing my own blend on their website. This put my thought about becoming a hardcore DIYer to bet. Having two hyperactive Basenjis also played a role in that decision. I'm not a big fan of vaping dog dander. I'm sure some would get in there because one sheds like she's getting paid for it, even though Basenjis aren't supposed to shed.

VaporFi's liquid is impurity free. They make it in FDA approved labs, so they have to meet rigid criteria. Their ingredients have to be food grade or higher, which is always a good thing. Your lungs deserved nothing but the best ingredients. I can always tell when a company skimps on quality. Their liquids just don't taste as clean or full-boddied.

2) 11% Off At Central Vapors

Click here to try Central Vapors' delicious eliquids.

I found this undervalued e-juice company by happenstance, or maybe it was fate. Either way, I'm glad I did because they have some of the most affordable high-quality eliquids I've ever come across. If buying three bottles to get one free is out of your budget, surely you'll be able to take advantage of this 11% off deal at Central Vapors.

A 10mL bottle only costs $5.69, but sometimes they go on sale for $3. You won't be able to combine the coupon with sale items, but you can save money by buying their sales or using the coupon. If you've never tried Central Vapors' juices, there's no better time than now while the coupon is available.

3) VistaVapors 10% Off

Click here to head over to Vista Vapors.

vista vapors logoThis company is a little known one that mostly flies under the radar of most mainstream vapers. I venture off a lot and try a wide variety of different companies and I think there juice is fantastic. They have a really solid lineup of great e-liquids that make good daily vapes. They're not too sweet, and not to bland to where you get vapers tongue easily.

They are also one of the only companies that allow you to create a custom blend. VaporFi is the most well known and best branded, but Vista Vapors has also been doing this for a while. They don't have anywhere near the selection of VaporFi, but it's a great change of pace.

If you've never tried their juices, I encourage you to do so, and enjoy 10% off when you do 🙂

4) 10% off at NicQuid: NIC0583VAPE

Click here to visit NicQuid and enjoy liquids from a top notch brand.

smoothol nicquidTake one draw on a NicQuid e-liquid and you'll see why they're in business.

They don't have the jazzy in your face marketing that some of the other companies, but they stand out because of their liquids and their liquids only. You don't visit their website and get convinced to buy by the awesome design and experience you have on it. If anything maybe the opposite will happen. But there's one thing I can assure you, NicQuid is a very trustworthy and reliable brand.

They're a little more old school and don't even have pictures of their vape juice bottles on their website. It makes me think they don't want people to steal their pictures and re-market them as their own. That's just speculation though. Maybe they're just an old school company in a brand new industry.

Old school companies focus on quality, which is obvious after you try their liquids.

Become An Eliquid Aficionado

As you vape more and more liquids, you'll gain sensory acuity for noticing the difference between a quality e-liquid and a cheap one. You might have it already.

If you vape mostly one kind of liquid, then venture off every now and again, you'll see what I'm talking about. By using one good liquid as your baseline, it allows you to pick up on all the little nuances between liquids better than if you just vape any and everything. VaporFi is a good home base, so to speak. If VaporFi is your go to, you'll be able to see the differences easily when you venture off and use a lesser quality liquid.

No matter what, I always encourage people to try a variety of liquids. You just never know what you like best until you experiment a little bit. If you've never try any other companies other than the first one you bought from, you are missing out on a whole world of flavorful fun. Not only are the flavors so different from various companies, but the whole experience is different.

Some companies craft their juices to highlight certain notes while others go for a max VG cloud chasing experience. You may think you like max VG juices better until you find a PG/VG blend that hits your throat in just the right way. You deserve to experience these kinds of things. You quit smoking and that's one heck of an accomplishment. Take a moment to be proud. Okay, now reward yourself for kicking big tobacco to the curb and experiment a little. You don't even have to try any of my recommendations. But make sure you're keeping it spicy by trying new juices every month or so.

The path to becoming an ejuice aficionado starts with strategically trying different vape juices. Having a solid “go-to” eliquid to compare against your adventurers, really helps. It make all the difference in the world



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