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Quick Rundown

hemp bombs CBD logoI’m very familiar with Hemp Bombs CBD vape juice and their CBD gummies. I can attest to the quality of both of those products and would recommend them both. I haven’t tried their other products as of yet, but I will get around to it. Usually a company’s whole catalog of products will be of similar quality. It’s rare that a company has some excellent products and some terrible products. They may have some excellent flavors and some terrible flavors, but the quality of the CBD is usually the same. More than likely, they use the same source of hemp for all their products. I’d feel comfortable recommending them as a brand, but I have to mention I’ve only tried the CBD vape juice and gummies.

Evaluating CBD Products

hemp bombs cbdWhen evaluating CBD products, it’s important to be thorough. I’ve come across some shady companies that look legit but sell “fake” CBD. What do I mean by “fake CBD?” Well, what I’m talking about is companies that don’t tell you how much CBD is in the item. They don’t tell you because the products don’t have enough for an effective dose. They mask the lack of cannabidiol with other ingredients like melatonin so you feel something.

Hemp Bombs is not one of these companies. They are legit. I’ve done my due diligence on them and tried five of their products. I’ve tried four of their CBD e-liquids and their CBD gummies. I will be trying more in the near future. From my experience with CBD (been using since 2015) I’ve noticed that some companies seem to care about their customers more than others. You can kind of get an idea of which kind of company you’re looking at just by browsing their website.¬†Some of the things you want to look for are contact information, CBD amounts, and most importantly, independent lab testing.

If you want to learn more, you can read my full Hemp Bombs review.

Contact Info

When visiting Hemp Bombs website, you can clearly see their phone number in the top right section of their site. That’s a good sign. Companies with crappy products make it hard for you to contact them. If you have any questions about your order, before or after you receive it, you want to be able to contact the company. You may not think you’ll ever need to contact a company, but the weirdest things can happen. I bought a tincture from a company and the bottle was leaky. It didn’t leak until I opened it. After closing it, the seal didn’t work. It leaked all over my fridge. If you ever find yourself in a scenario like that, you’ll be glad to have a phone number to call.

CBD Amounts

This one is kind of self-explanatory. If a product doesn’t list the amount of CBD, don’t buy it. You should always know how much cannabidiol you’re taking. Without knowing how much you’re taking, how can you possibly know your dose? Not to mention the pricing. How do you know if you’re getting a good deal on the products if you don’t know how much CBD you’re buying. Whether you have a coupon code or not, it doesn’t matter. Getting a discount on a product with some mysterious amount of active cannabidiol is no deal at all. What do they have to hide?

I bought some gummies from a company that didn’t list the amount of CBD once. Never again! The products literally gave me a headache. I went to read the ingredients and saw that they were using melatonin and didn’t even say how much melatonin they were using. This company actually had lab tests, but I just skimmed them and assumed there was enough CBD in the gummies. After trying their gummies, I went back over the lab tests. The tests were confusing so I had to pull out my calculator to see how much CBD was in each gummy. There was only a fractional amount of CBD, not enough for a serving but enough to claim the product was a CBD product. I’ve learned from my past mistakes and hope you don’t make the same. Luckily, you’ve found Hemp Bombs, a company that lists the amount of CBD in each product.

Lab Testing

cbd vape juice lab testLast but not least, always comb over the lab results. The lab should test for the cannabidiol content but they also should test for toxins. If the products were not made in a clean environment, then they could be full of toxins. Obviously none of us want to consume unnecessary toxins. I’m sure we all get enough exposure from various items in the modern world. There’s no need to consume extra toxins. Aside from the toxins, lab testing is important to verify the amount of CBD that the company is claiming for their product. Anybody can claim a big number, but we need to see third-party lab results to back up the claim.

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