battery life juulThe reason we all vape the JUUL is for harm reduction. Most people don't go around claiming that vaping is harmless, but rather you see people saying that it's less harmful than cigarettes. That's an important distinction to make because they are not the same thing. Harm reduction simply means that it's an option that's not as bad as your current habit. That's all it means, nothing more and nothing less.

Harmless means that it doesn't have any negative effects on you, physically or mentally. There aren't too many things in this world that are completely harmless. Everything seems to have some risk to it, even driving your car. I would agree that a lot of things we perceive to be harmful aren't really so, but rather the people using them make them dangerous. I think vaping falls somewhere in that category, especially with an insanely strong pod like the JUUL has.

Below I posted a video where a doctor, who doesn't know he's being recorded, gives his opinion on vaping and whether it's harmful or not. This will more than likely answer your question, but if not you can keep reading this article to see my somewhat logical conclusion.

Secret Recording of a Doctor's Thoughts On Vaping


Now you can order your JUUL with a clear conscience.

Let's get on with my musings. The common question everyone's asking is:

Is JUUL Bad For You

Yes, it's a harm reduction device not a harmless one. My personal opinion is that the JUUL isn't any worse for you than any other vaporizer with nicotine. It has 5% nicotine, which is a lot more than most liquids on the market, but that doesn't mean it's more harmful.

As I eluded to in the intro, it's all about how you use it. If you take the same amount of puffs off your JUUL as you would your mod with 12 nic juice in it, then yes I would agree that the JUUL is more harmful in that situation. However, your JUUL isn't any different than anyone else's, so how could it be more harmful? The answer is, it's not. If a device is more harmful only in certain situations, that means it's not the device that's harmful, it's the person using it.

You don't vape on a device like this in the same way you'd vape your mod. Don't chain vape it. Just don't. When you use a box mod or starter pen, you're going to chain vape it because you're probably using a much weaker strength liquid. Your nicotine level can be as low as 0.3% whereas this device has 5%. Most people aren't vaping a 0.3% nicotine liquid, but it makes for a nice dramatic comparison. More than likely you're vaping a 1.2% or 2.4% nicotine strength, which isn't that far off the JUUL. Just make sure that you're not chain vaping the JUUL. If you do, you might end up more addicted to nicotine than you were when you were on cigarettes. A liquid with 5% nicotine is nothing to take lightly. You can read my full review on the JUUL starter kit here.

Just My Humble Opinion

If you recently quit smoking, you're probably not at a 0.3% nicotine juice yet, and you may never be. Some people choose to slowly lower their nicotine level, while others are perfectly fine staying put and just enjoying the benefits of letting all that tar work its way out their lungs. There is no right or wrong here. You don't have to ween off nicotine, but with vaping you have that option.

dr gopal bhatnagarRemember, this is just my opinion. I'm not really going to get into the science of how much less harmful vaping is than smoking, because I'm assuming you're familiar with that already. I'll just briefly mention that cardiac surgeon, Dr Bhatnagar, is an advocate for vaping and says it's much less harmful. He's not the only one. More and more doctors are opening their minds as the research is undeniable. The JUUL is definitely a vaporizer, so according to Dr B, it's much less harmful than smoking.

The real question isn't if the JUUL is bad or not, it really should be:

How Bad Is It

Remember, we're talking about harm reduction here, not harmlessness. They're totally different. The JUUL wasn't designed to be healthy, but rather it was designed to be less unhealthy than cigarettes. I would say it accomplished that. Cigarettes have over 7,000 chemicals in them (1). Admittedly, big tobacco set the bar pretty low.

Having less than 7,000 chemicals and 69 carcinogens isn't really a hard mark to beat. But the JUUL has way less ingredients and carcinogens than that, as do all legitimate e-liquids. Given the amount of chemicals in cigarettes, smoking should be avoided like the plague. It essentially is a modern-day plague, contributing heavily to the number one cause of death in America, heart disease.

Thinking About Getting the JUUL

portable vapeIf you're thinking about getting the JUUL to make the switch, I'd recommend it. But just know you can get the PHIX for a lot cheaper. I like the JUUL better though, personally.

The JUUL has a high nicotine level so you're covered there. What sets it apart from other vaporizers is the throat hit and the ease of use. It's much easier to use than your typical starter pen or box mod. You don't have to worry about refilling the cartridges like you would on an open system. All you have to do is swap out the cartridges. This is very advantageous compared to dealing with tanks, coils, and atomizers. Just trying to switch flavors in a tank can be a big ordeal.

The best thing about the JUUL is the throat hit. The team over at JUUL Vapor has really crafted a vape juice that beats the snot out of the competition. I wish they sold their solution in a less strong bottle so I could use it in my other devices. It's that good. The strong throat hit is really good at satisfying your throat hit cravings. It's the best on the market in my opinion, and I mean it. I'm not saying, “best on the market” just to use a buzz phrase. It's the absolute best at replicating the throat hit of an analog cigarette. I've yet to see a device come close to what the JUUL has accomplished.

So if you're a smoker an you're thinking about giving the JUUL a try, I would say go for it. But if you've been vaping for a while and you just want to try it out, it may or may not be a good fit for you. It makes for a nice complimentary device for those times when you want to get your nicotine quickly and get back to business. It also is a good topper device for when your box mod didn't quite get the job done and you want to top off quickly.

I wouldn't necessarily switch to it as your go-to device unless you're sick of the hassle of open systems. If you are, then this would be a good purchase. You can satisfy your cravings in just a few puffs. Overall, the JUUL is great for anyone who wants to experience a strong throat hit and get their nicotine efficiently.

Get your JUUL directly from to ensure it's authenticity. Also, be sure to checkout the auto-ship program so you can save 15% on your pods and get free shipping.

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