The JUUL is a concealable e-cig-like device that might just blow you away. The pods are not cheap, so a pods coupon code can help out a lot.

unopened boxThe beautiful device has been generating a lot of buzz so we wanted to see what the hype was all about. This is a device that you'll either hate or love, but more often than not, people are loving it.

A lot of ex-smokers who have been vaping for years on open systems seem to hate closed systems, but they all admit that closed systems, like the JUUL, are great for getting off cigarettes.

The JUUL is a closed system, meaning that it's excellent for giving tobacco the middle finger.

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Why All The Hype

Surprisingly, the hype surrounding this little incognito vape is actually well-deserved.

It's not just some marketing mumbo jumbo from a big company. The JUUL is different than it's competition in ways that really matter to ex-smokers. It uses a proprietary nicotine formula that knocks the socks of the competition.

They were even granted a patent for their nicotine salt formula. In my opinion, their e liquid is what gives them a major leg up on their competition.

Cigarette-like Throat Hit

I have yet to find an e-cig on the market that can compete with the throat hit of the JUUL. It's the king of throat hits, hands down.

There are plenty of e-cigs that will smash your throat with all the harshness in the world, but it's not really a good feeling. Those e-cigs don't feel reminiscent of a cigarette. They just feel strong and harsh. But the JUUL is different.

Their nicotine salts actually mimic the feeling of a cigarette throat hit better than any other e-cig by far. Satisfying your throat hit craving is one of the hardest parts about quitting cigarettes for good. Satisfying the nicotine cravings are a lot easier. You can even vape CBD to help with that. But the throat hit is a different beast to handle.

When you first quit cigarettes, you won't be wondering how you're going to get your nicotine. That's the easy part. There are a plethora of ways to get nicotine from patches to gum, or our favorite, vaping. The hard part is retraining your nerves system to stop craving the throat hit and all the other little gestures you do when smoking a cigarette.

A lot of ecigs are great a mimicking the size and form factor of a cigarette, but until the JUUL hit the streets, the throat hit has been below the mark. The JUUL has been responsible for helping thousands of people say goodbye to tobacco because of the time and effort they put into creating a throat hit that will satisfy your cravings.

closed system

Works Extremely Well and Easy to Use

This device is extremely well designed. It's sleek and couldn't be easier to use

There isn't much of a learning curve with the JUUL. It's one of the easiest to use devices on the market. There's two steps to using the JUUL: put in the pod and take a drag. That's it.

Also, since the pods are prefilled, you don't have to worry about priming the coil or steeping the e-liquid like with an open system.

With an open system vape, if you don't set it up and use it properly you will get dry hits. There's nothing worse than a nasty burnt dry hit. With the JUUL, you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is pop the pod in and you can take a draw. You will not get a burnt hit because the coil has been soaking in e-liquid for days.

The JUUL takes all the hassle out of vaping.

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What Surprised Me

podsWhen I first began researching the JUUL, I was shocked to see who was using the device. I expected it to be a big hit with people who were just transitioning from smoking, and I was right. But what I didn't expect was for a whole bunch of seasoned vapers to switch over to the JUUL.

Believe it or not, that's exactly what's been happening.

People who have been vaping on open systems for years are switching the this little closed system device. There are several reasons people are making the switch, but the most common reason seems to be the price and convenience. They're saying that with the low nic e-liquids, they're vaping a lot more, which of course costs more.

Using low nic e-liquid sounds like you're making a healthier decision, but not if it means you're vaping so much you end up getting the same amount of nicotine or even more. That's the position many vapers are in right now and they're switching back to the JUUL.

Typically, devices like the JUUL are advertised to smokers as a way to quit. They're not usually marketed towards people who quit smoking five years ago via vaping, but maybe that will change soon.

Pros and Cons

The JUUL is arguably the best e-cig on the market, but it still has its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Most realistic cigarette-like throat hit Have to pull pod out to check e-liquid level
Super easy to use and switch flavors Pod gets loose if pulled out too much
Excellent flavors Only 5 flavors
Ultra portable, pocketable, and stealthy -
Great mouth to lung draw -
Save up to $221.87/month compared to cigarettes -
15% discount for auto-ship subscription -
Flavor Options and Pods

The main con with the JUUL is the lack of flavor options. It's actually a pro and a con. When comparing the JUUL to other cig-a-likes, it actually has a pretty good range of flavors.

A lot of cig-a-likes only have one flavor. That makes its four main flavors a pro. But a lot of vapers compare it to open systems since they're switching back from an open system. It's an unfair comparison, but it's really a compliment to the JUUL to be considered in the same league as open system vapes.

tobacco creme bruleeCompared to an open system, the JUUL doesn't have many flavor options at all. So this is both a pro and a con. The bottom line is this, more flavors equal more opportunities to convert a smoker to an ex-smoker. For that reason, I think the lack of flavors are the biggest con. If you don't like any of the four regular flavors, you're just SOL.

Another con is the difficulty in checking your e-liquid levels. You have to pull the pod all the way out to see how much e-liquid you have left. With most open systems, they have a clear tank so all you have to do is look at them. If you pull the pod out too much on the JUUL, it'll start to get loose and not fit as snugly.

If you notice this happening, try to finish that pod off before removing it again. As long as you don't check it excessively, it should be fine.

Throat Hit, Ease of Use, Portability

One of the biggest pros with the JUUL is the throat hit. It provides the best cigarette-like throat hit in all of vaping. I've already covered this above so I'm not going to expand on it here. Just know that the throat hit on any other vaping device doesn't compare. This throat hit makes quitting cigarettes a lot easier.

Another one of the biggest pros is the ease of use and portability. This thing is super easy to use. I almost wish it was a little harder to use so kids couldn't figure it out. Be sure to keep it out of reach for kids because they could definitely figure out how to use it. The ease of use is pretty awesome, especially for people coming over from cigarettes.

portable vapeIf you've ever had to travel with your open system gear, you know it can be a real pain. Going through TSA with bottles of vape juice is always annoying. The portability of the JUUL blows open systems out of the water.

Going through TSA is a breeze and putting it in your pocket is even easier. Taking the JUUL anywhere is easy peasy. It's much easier than lugging around a box mod, that's for sure.

These are just the top pros and cons. Overall, the JUUL is a great device and you'll be sure to love it as long as you like the flavors. Luckily, they did a great job with all four of their main flavors and the mango is amazing when in stock.

Pro Tips

When you first get your JUUL starter kit, you're going to want to rip it open, shove in a pod, and give it a rip.

Your first rip is the most important, because that is when your brain will decide if it likes this new little device or not. Honestly, you could just put it together and take a draw and you'll probably love it. It thumps just like a cigarette. The e-liquid is very good and the device is super easy to use. But I wan't to give you some more information to make your experience even better, which will help you transition more smoothly.

Below, I'm going to cover some pro tips that will help you get the most out of your JUUL without having to learn the hard way.

Take A Longer And Slower Draw

starter kit juulSince the JUUL is a high-nicotine device with a nice tight draw, you're going to want to take a slower drag off of it. Don't try to give it a big fast rip or you'll end up coughing and getting too much of a throat hit. This thing is potent, so take it easy. If you rip it too hard, you won't get the experience you're looking for.

If you want to mimic the throat hit of a cigarette, then take a slower draw than you would off of a cigarette. Just a hair longer and a tad slower. Feel free to try it just like you would a cigarette so you can see the difference, but the longer draw works better with the nicotine salt in my opinion.

Don't Chain Vape It

A lot of people who use open systems like to chain vape. Chain vaping is exactly what it sounds like. It means you keep on vaping for a while. You won't have to do that with the JUUL to feel satisfied, and that's where the beauty and cost savings is in this device.

With a cigarette, there's a beginning and end. At the end of smoking a cigarette, you can decide to smoke another one or not. With the JUUL, you won't run out of liquid for 200 puffs. That's the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. The difference is, there's nothing telling you when you've vaped the equivalent of a cigarette.

Treat it just like you would a cigarette in this regard. If you normally take eight puffs of a cigarette, take eight drags off the JUUL and then stop and see how you feel. More than likely, you will feel satisfied. If eight puffs didn't do it for you, then take another one. You will find your sweet spot to be within a puff or two of your normal cigarette range.

Nicotine Salt Level

nicotine saltThe little pods are filled with 0.7mL of e-juice that contains 5% nicotine. If you're not already a vaper, that probably doesn't mean much to you. Basically, that's a lot of nicotine in the vaping world. The amount of nicotine in the JUUL is what gives it the strong throat hit. The quality of the nicotine is what makes it a good throat hit and not a bad one.

The main difference between the nicotine in the JUUL and the nicotine in regular e-liquid is Benzoic Acid. Benzoic Acid is found in the tobacco plant and it's also included in the pods. E-liquid that goes into open systems doesn't have Benzoic Acid, which is why it doesn't feel as much like a cigarette as the JUUL.

Battery Life

This really depends on your smoking style. If you are more of a casual smoker, the JUUL will last you all day. If you're a heavy smoker, it will last you around a half of a day.

You will get around 200 puffs per charge. If you take shorter draws, it'll last for more puffs and vice versa with really long draws.

battery life juulDepending on your style, you might want to buy two batteries. This will prevent you from having any down time. While one of your batteries is charging, the other one will be ready to go in case you have any cravings. It's also really handy to have two batteries on long trips.

The good thing about the battery is, it only takes one hour to fully charge. So that's your maximum downtime if you only have one battery. As long as you keep an eye on the battery, you should be able to make due with one. When you plug it in, the light will blink if it's connected properly. If it's not blinking, it's not charging so check your connections.

Once it's fully charged, the light will change to solid green. At that point, it's ready for another 200 puffs. To check the battery power, just tap on the front of the battery twice and the light will flash, indicating the current state of the battery. It'll flash green, yellow, or red.

Take Advantage of the Warranty

Make sure you register for your warranty. Most people probably throw the warranty information in the trash because it's not sexy to register for the warranty. But why not register?

If you register, you'll be covered for a year. If your device starts to mess up, it's covered. This does not cover accidents and spills. It's a manufactures warranty. And of course, if you start taking it apart and trying to modify the device to get “maximum air flow,” you void the warranty. Yes, people do actually do this to the JUUL but I don't recommend it. This device is strong and doesn't need anymore airflow.

The bottom line is, it can't hurt to sign up for the warranty so I think it'd be wise to do so. It'll save you from having to rush and buy another battery in the event that one of yours goes down.

Flavor Pods: What to Expect

The starter kit comes with four flavors: virginia tobacco, cool mint, creme brulee, and fruit medley.

virginia tobaccoIf you enjoy a strong tobacco flavor, then you'll find the virginia tobacco pod to be your go to. It has a very strong flavor, almost like smoking out of a pipe. This pod is the strongest pod, flavor wise. Don't rip it too hard or it may overpower you. It's very satisfying. They did a great job mimicking the real flavor of tobacco. You can tell they spent a lot of energy trying to recreate the experience of a cigarette. Kudos to JUUL Vapor for that.

cool mint podThe cool mint pod is great for anyone who smokes or used to smoke menthols. When you take a draw from the mint pod, you'll experience a crisp and refreshing feeling. It's a nice cold, minty flavor that might make you forget to brush your teeth.

This might actually be the most popular JUUL pod. This pod is very satisfying and has generated tons of buzz in the ex-smoking community. Former menthol smokers are loving this pod and people who didn't smoke menthols are finding it quite refreshing.

creme bruleeThe creme brulee is a classic dessert flavor. It's a combination of silky custard, vanilla cake, and of course, creme brulee. Since this is composed of several flavors, you'll notice that you taste different flavors, or notes, on the inhale and exhale.

This pod has a caramel, vanilla cakey flavor that is nice and mild. The custard is very very subtle and kind of hangs around in the background. They did a good job with keeping this flavor mellow. It's not too sweet so it can be used for an all day vape.

fruit medley podThe fruit medley pod tastes like a mix of berries. On their website they have what looks like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries pictured next to the pod.

Fruit medley is actually a good name for it since it doesn't taste too much like any one fruit. Strawberry and blueberry are the most prominent flavor in my opinion, or maybe I'm just most familiar with those. This flavor is sort of like a refreshing glass of fruit punch.

The mango pods are new and in demand. At the time of this writing, they cannot be added to the auto ship because the demand is just too high. It's frequently sold out. When you take your first hit of the mango pod, you'll notice that it's not a candy mango flavor. It has more of a natural mango taste.

Again, it's something that you can vape all day since it's not too sweet. Since JUUL only has five flavor options, I think they wanted to stay away from the overly sweet stuff. The mango pod is neck and neck with the cool mint pod as far as popularity goes. Be sure to add a pack in with your order if it's in stock.

save money vaping

Cost Savings and 15% Auto-Ship Discount

The auto-ship program gives JUUL another leg up on the competition. It takes all the hassle out of ordering products every month and allows you to save a ton of money in the process.

Basically, it's like having a never-ending supply of discount codes that give you a big price cut every month. Gone are the days where you have to scour the web, looking for a coupon code that you haven't used yet. It's really a win-win.

Right off the top you save money on shipping as well. If you're an auto-ship subscriber, shipping is free. That saves you $8.35 on every order. If you're not an auto-ship member, you can still get free shipping if you order more than $40 worth of products. You can accomplish that by ordering the starter kit or four packs of pods.

fruit packThe pods come in packs of four, so ordering four 4-packs would be 16 pods *pulls out calculator to double check*. When you're on their site and entering your quantity, remember that you're buying 4-packs of pods.

As an auto-ship member, you'll save 15% on your pods. So if you were to order three packs of pods on auto-ship, you'll save $15.55 every month.

JUUL vapor recommends four 4-packs of pods per month for regular smokers and eight 4-packs of pods per month for heavy smokers. Just use your best guess as to where you fall in that range. Based on our research, smoking one pack/day is average.

For a regular smoker, you will be able to replace the rising cost of cigarettes for only $63.96/month after buying your starter kit ($49.99). For heavy smokers, eight 4-packs on auto-ship will cost $108.73/month. Compared to the price of cigarettes, these pods are very affordable.

The national average price for a pack of cigarettes is $5.51. The average pack-a-day smoker is spending $165.30 on cigarettes every single month. If you smoke two packs a day, that's $330.60/month. Regular smokers can save $101.34/month by switching to JUUL. Heavy smokers can save up to $221.87/month by making the switch. I'm sure you could find a lot of things to do with that much extra money!

Click here to save goo-gobs of money with the auto-ship option.

Is The JUUL Right For You?

Of course, the answer to this question is always, “it depends.” It depends on a whole bunch of factors in your life that could not be covered in one article. But I will give you my honest opinion based, on the major common factors, on whether you should give the JUUL a try or not.

Let's get this out of the way first. If you're not a smoker, ex-smoker, or vaper and you're just looking for flavor, run the other direction. This device is not for you. The JUUL is designed for smokers, bottom line. If you're not a smoker or a vaper, don't pick up the JUUL or you will find yourself addicted to nicotine.

Social smokers
, you could use the JUUL to quit but it might be a little strong for your needs. You could start with something a little less nicotine like an open system vape. Nonetheless, the JUUL will definitely be able to help, but you may find yourself more dependent on nicotine than when you were smoking.

Regular smokers and heavy smokers, the JUUL would be ideal for you. In my opinion, a regular smoker is someone who smokes around a pack a day. Any less would air into the social smoker territory. If you smoke around two packs a day, I think that's what I would consider heavy.

For both regular smokers and heavy smokers, the JUUL would be good because it has enough nicotine to satisfy your cravings. It also thumps just like a real cigarette. Social smokers are used to having less nicotine so they could transition with a weaker device. The JUUL is designed for regular to heavy smokers, as it delivers a lot of nicotine in just a few draws.

Menthol smokers, the JUUL is literally the best option in the world for you at the moment. The cool mint pod is the best of the best and is very satisfying.

So there you have it, if you're a menthol, regular, or heavy smoker, I highly recommend using the JUUL to quit smoking and save a bunch of money in the process.

Click here to order it and don't forget to do the auto-ship options so you can save 15%..

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