clunkerTwo four letter pod mods that are egocentric enough to spell their names with all capital letters. One has been on the market for years, the other just came out and looks eerily similar to the old-timer. Which one should you get? The cheaper copycat or the original gangsta? I'm just going to highlight the differences and let you be the judge.

Pod Mod Mania

Pod mods are one of the most convenient ways to vape. Many long-time vapers have been incorporating these into their roster because they're just so damn easy to use. You don't have to worry about refilling anything which is great for work and traveling. Also, pod mods have a ton of nicotine. This allows you to get the same amount of nic in just a few puffs. They have several solid advantages over open systems, but which pod mod is the best for your lifestyle?


Both of these devices are pretty good pod mods. So for many people it will come down to the price. The PHIX starter kit costs $34.99 and comes with one pod. The JUUL starter kit costs $49.99 and comes with four pods. You're paying $15 more for the JUUL but will get three more pods with your starter kit. That's not too bad considering a 4-pack of JUUL pods will cost you $31.98 if you're not on the auto-ship plan.

A 4-pack of JUUL pods costs $27.18 on auto-ship. Each pod contains 0.7mL of 5% nicotine e-liquid. Anyone who uses the JUUL as their daily vape should be on the auto-ship plan. You'll save a ton of money that way. If you're not on the auto-ship plan, I hope you have a money tree in your backyard, because it can get expensive.

A 4-pack of PHIX pods costs $22.99 and have 1.5mL of 5% nicotine e-liquid inside each pod. So the PHIX is a lot cheaper than the JUUL, no matter how you slice it. The starter kit is cheaper and the pods are cheaper while also holding over twice as much e-liquid. If you are a price shopper, then the PHIX is the way to go.

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Look and Feel

battery life juulTo me, the JUUL is the winner hands down. It looks and feels 10x better than the PHIX. For a small device, the PHIX is kind of clunky to be honest. The diamond shape is just plain weird. The JUUL, on the other hand, has a sleek rectangular body that easy to pocked and easy to take a draw from. It also more closely resembles the size of a cigarette which is an added bonus for anyone looking for a device to make the switch with.

If you care at all about the aesthetics of your pod mods or how it feels in your hand, the JUUL is the way to go. Or if you want something more similar to a cigarette, the JUUL is a better option.

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The battery life on these two pod mods are similar, but the PHIX takes the cake. It has a 280mAh battery while the JUUL has a 200mAh battery. Assuming you like the flavors the PHIX offers, it would make a better all day vape. The JUUL will need to be recharged once if you use it heavily. The PHIX might should be able to last you all day if you're a light to medium user.

The JUUL has a battery light indicator that's convenient. You just tap the batter twice and the indicator light will shine either green, orange, or red, letting you know how your battery is holding up. The PHIX must not have thought that feature was worth copying, so they didn't.

Both of these mods use proprietary chargers, which is always a pain.


The JUUL uses a NiChrome coil while the PHIX uses a ceramic coil system. Ceramic coils in a pod mod are an interesting choice but it really comes down to how you like the vapor from each coil. Two of the main benefits of ceramic coils are that they last longer and prevent dry hits from tasting burnt. With pod mods, you don't have to worry about the coil not being saturated or having an ultra long-lasting coil. Whether you like the flavor and consistency of the vapor that comes off a ceramic coil as opposed to a NiChrome coil is a matter of preference.


starter kit juulBoth of these companies offer only a few flavors. The JUUL has five flavors and the PHIX has five as well. What do you know, another area where they're the same. Go figure. The number of flavors don't really matter if you don't like any of them. If you're into tobaccos, then the PHIX is better. The JUUL has excellent menthol and mango pods. JUUL flavor options include mango, cool mint, virginia tobacco, fruit medley, and creme brulee. PHIX's flavors are hard strawberry, spearmint, ice tobacco, and butterscotch.

Bottom Line

phixHere's the deal. The JUUL is the iPhone of pod mods while everyone else is the Android or Microsoft phone of pod mods. Just like with phones, the underdog tries to add more specs and gizmos, but most phones still can't compete with the iPhone. I own an Android, but I'm man enough to admit that Apple makes a better phone than almost all Android phones. The JUUL is the same way.

The only phones that can actually compete with the iPhone are Samsung flagship phones (when they're not blowing up). The PHIX is a Samsung flagship phone that doesn't blow up. It's a damn-good device, but unlike Samsung phones, it's actually much cheaper than the JUUL. The only real downside to the PHIX is that it's shape is clunky and annoying and the throat hit isn't as cigarette-like as the JUUL.

If you're not looking for a cigarette-like throat hit, the PHIX is the better option. You'll learn to live with the shape and get used to it. But if you're looking to make the switch, then the JUUL will give you the best chance at coming over to the good side, as long as you can afford it. And if you prefer elegance to power and specs, then the JUUL is the best option for you. All this is just my humble opinion. Take care.

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