I've been hearing some buzz about a company that has been innovating their way to prominence in the vaping industry. I did my research to see what they were all about, and I'm actually impressed.

premier vapor logoMost vape companies have a similar feel. They're cool and down to earth, but don't always run so smoothly or have the best business practices. I love to patronize company's with a store front, but sometimes it can be hard when it feels like I'm shopping in my friends garage. Premier Vapor® must be aware of customers like me who prefer a down to earth experience coupled with a professional and smooth operation. That's exactly what they provide.


premier vapor in store

Most Innovative In-Store Experience

Premier Vapor® is the most innovative vape shop of 2017, bar none. In their store, you will be able to see what innovation looks like firsthand. They have everything from projectors and big screen TVs to iPads and a robust flavor bar. It's a shopping experience like you've never had before. You'll able to use iPads to get more information on their devices and e-liquids, and also find daily deals posted on one of the big screen TVs.

Their staff is genuinely fun and helpful, but still maintains an air of professionalism that makes you feel like an important customer. Down here in South Florida, we're lucky enough to have two Premier Vapor® locations as well as the headquarters in Fort Myers. You can visit their website to find the closest location to you.

Shop Online

pv webpageIf you don't live near a Premier Vapor® location, you're missing out on one of the best retail experiences money can buy. It's okay though, because you can still shop online and feel good while you're doing it. You can feel good about it because you know that your dollars are helping support physical locations that churn out new vapers by helping educate smokers in a hands-on environment.

Their website is a little rough on the edges, which tells you they're thriving because of their products and business practices. Most of their innovation efforts have been focused on the in-store experience because they're passionate about converting smokers and saving lives. They've also poured a ton of energy into fine tuning their premium e-liquids, which you're going to enjoy.

Why I Support Companies With Storefronts

It's not too often that someone, especially a baby boomer, is going to just quit smoking by just ordering a vape pen online. It's more likely that they're introduced by an ex-smoker who now vapes, or they stop in a vape shop to see what all this vaping fuss is about.

That's why it's important to support our local vape shops. I always give a portion of my business to my favorite local shops for that very reason. It's another way to give back to the vaping community and help people live healthier lives. When local shops have an online storefront, it allows me to patronize shops all over the country 😀

Quality E-Liquid

One of the things I love about Premier Vapor® is that they've never lowered their standards to meet the pressing demand for their e-liquids. You'd be surprised at how many vape shops regularly mix batches of e-liquid right in the back of the shop. It's actually pretty common.

premier vapor e-liquid

Medlyz Strawmelon 16 and Saulie Ray's Hunter

When you vape back-of-the-shop e-juice, you're getting DIY quality juice but paying retail price for it. That's a shame. Premier Vapor® is one of the few companies that has never mixed a bottle of e-juice in house. All of their liquids are made in an AEMSA certified lab, which is also registered and 100% compliant with the FDA.

AEMSA's sole purpose is to make sure we're inhaling high-quality vapors, not vapors full of impurities that could damage our lungs. They're no joke, and any company who meets AEMSA standards cares about their customers because they're spending a lot of extra money to make sure we're getting the best quality product possible. Their standards even regulate little things like the quality of water that could be added to e-liquid if a company chooses to do so, all the way up the chain to having to use food-grade or better quality ingredients. To see a full list of AEMSA's standards, click here.

The sad truth of the matter is, company's in this industry can get away with whatever they want. The governmental regulatory bodies aren't looking out for vapors, their protecting other interest. By trying to come up with regulations aimed at regulating silly things like the flavors that can be added to e-juice and not the quality of the juice itself, it's obvious that they're not looking out for our health. That's why I appreciate company's that actually do look out for us, even though it may be less profitable.

And of course, with high-quality ingredients comes top notch flavor. Premier Vapor's e-liquid can compete with the best of the best in my opinion.

Medlyz Strawmelon 16

I've been vaping on this flavor all day and it's pretty fantastic. It's an all day vape flavor for me. It's smooth, with a nice throat presence (6 nic). Not overbearing, but enough to let you know it's getting the job done. It's a very interesting blend, and I can't quite put my finger on the deliciousness.

It has a nice mild sweetness and smells heavenly. Seriously, it smells better than my wifes essential oils. On the inhale, I'm getting a nice blend of flavors. I can taste the strawberry and the melons. On the exhale out of the nose, the melon is dominant. The strawberry is really pronounced when I exhale out of the mouth. Very intriguing blend.

Overall, I really like it. The flavor comes off very natural, like there's a strawberry in my bottle. It's subtle at times, yet pronounced. The flavor has been blended in such a way that I can't quite put my finger on it. I keep wanting to vape more to try and figure it out. This flavor was definitely crafted by the hands of a true artisan.


vaping franchise opportunity

Top 100 Franchise Opportunity

My wife and I wanted to start a vape store, but we didn't know where to even start looking. We both were pretty busy at the time, so we never got around to it. I eventually started this website to satisfy my urge to contribute to the vaping landscape, and my wife started a web design company. Well, if we would have known about a vaping franchise with a proven track record of success, we would have been a lot more likely to start our store!

Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked Premier Vapor® as a Top 100 New Franchise opportunity. This is a list of companies that have been franchising for less than five years, giving you the chance to get exposed to them before they takeoff like a rocket. I can think of several franchises I wish I would have known about in their first five years, and Premier Vapor® is positioned to be one of those companies. They've been franchising for about three years now, and caught the eye of our nation's top authority on entrepreneurship, even though they're not in an old basic industry.

To compete with every kind of business imaginable, while being in an industry that the FDA is trying to swing a hatchet at speaks volumes to their operation. I may have found my next big investment. Click here to learn more about their franchise opportunity.


In The Beginning

Although Premier Vapor® is a well-oiled franchising machine now, things weren't always that way. When they were founded in 2013, the vaping industry wasn't even a decade old. Starting a business is friggin tough, but could you imagine starting a business in an industry that barely existed?

It's not like you could find some retired business vet who'd be happy to mentor you and show you the ropes. Nope, everything was expensive trial and error for Premier Vapor®. That's why so many vape stores fail. The industry is still a baby. Premier Vapor® managed to fail fast and learn from their mistakes while other stores were paralyzed by fear and eventually went under. I couldn't tell you how many times I used Google to navigate to a vape store that recently closed.

There's not set path to success in this industry, which means only the chosen few will survive the first two years. Premier Vapor® quickly learned how to best serve their customers needs, which is why they're still around and thriving. Premier Vapor's mission has always been to help smokers live healthier lives so they could be there for their families, while simultaneously playing an important role in shaping the future of vaping.

To impact this revolutionary industry, you have to be innovative and heavily involved in…


vaping advocacyPremier Vapor® is very active on the issues near and dear to our hearts. Many people sit on the sidelines, hoping that other vapers are advocating, but the team at Premier Vapor® doesn't miss a beat. They have an active email list where they share their latest strategical moves. You can sign up for their newsletter on any page of their website via the footer section sign-up form.

Sometimes they give back to the community through massive giveaways, aimed at rewarding loyal customers and reaching smokers. Other times they leave their mark on the industry through scheduling meetings with senators and congressmen so the voice of the people can be heard.

They keep you informed of everything they're doing, and even let you know about general advocacy news and what you can do to chip in. This is the most important thing we all can do as vapers to ensure we have the freedom we deserve. One of the easiest ways for consumers to pitch in is by supporting companies who go the extra mile to protect our rights.

Of course, it's even better to support solid companies and actively engage in advocating, but realistically everyone isn't going to do that. Whether you're too busy or just lazy, you can still chip in by supporting our big advocates like Premier Vapor®. Any company that advocates finds their way into my e-juice lineup at the very least, and often time I patronize their stores. I see it as buying from family because they have our back just like a family should.

Supporting a store with physical locations does a lot to help convert our smokers to vapers, allowing them to live higher quality lives. So I encourage you to try Premier Vapor's premium e-liquids and pickup a device there when you're ready for a new one.

Visit Premier Vapor's Website

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