If you want to try your hand at making e juice, you should start with something simple. As with everything in life, starting with the basics is a good idea. Once you have a solid foundation, then you can start learning new techniques and start playing with advanced mixes. But if you start prematurely, you could ruin everything.

Keep It Stupid Simple

diy-vape-juiceWe’ve all heard of the acronym, KISS. The older I get, the more I implement KISS in my life. It’s hard to convey how important this is since we live in a culture where people think they can master something instantly.

You cannot master advanced diy vape juice mixes instantaneously. It’s not going to happen.

There is an art to mixing a vape juice and like any art, it takes time to master. The quickest route to becoming a master vape juice brewer is to get the basics down. Once the basics become second nature, you’re then ready to kick it up a notch. By tweaking your simple recipes, you’ll learn the effects of different techniques and flavorings.

If you just jump to the advanced stuff, you won’t know the difference and will be a lackluster vape juice mixer.

Basic Recipe Foundation

Your basic recipe will carry you far in the world of mixing. It’s the foundation upon which you will build your knowledge base. Set a good foundation and you can build a complex house that will withstand the test of time. On complex house on a crappy foundation will fall like a house of cards.

For your first juice, you’ll only need 3-5 ingredients. If you don’t vape with nicotine, then you might use one less ingredient than us nicotine vapers. The main ingredients to a vape juice are VG, PG, nicotine, and flavoring.

You can buy PG and VG bases that are already mixed with nicotine, or you can buy a nicotine solution and add it to each recipe. The choice is yours. You might want to play around with different nicotine bases and see which one you like best.

Your First Mix

mixing-e-liquidThere are a few things you have to decide before you whip up your first batch of e liquid. You need to know what PG/VG ratio you want to use, the nicotine strength, and which flavor you want to try. Once you know all of these things, you can plan your recipe.

One thing that helps, especially if math isn’t your forte, is an online e juice calculator. There are mobile apps that do the same thing too. After you’ve decided your nicotine level, you can just plug the numbers into a calculator and it’ll tell you how many drops you should use. Super helpful.

Let’s say you want to make a 12 nic vape juice and want to use 20% flavoring. Your first juice might look something like this:

3mL VG
5mL PG base with 24mg nic
2mL Strawberry TFA

This is a basic recipe. Perfect for a beginner. You’ll get a solid foundation with recipes like this. From here, you can switch and see what a VG based nic solution vapes like. By making little tweaks like that you’ll accumulate a boatload of knowledge that extends beyond what you can read and comprehend on the internet.

You also can add another flavor. For your first few mixes, I recommend sticking to one or two flavors. Things start getting complex as you increase the flavors. You won’t be able to see which flavors hit which notes because they’ll be drowning each other out. Starting with two flavors is just fine. A strawberry banana or peach lemonade is a great beginner friendly mix. Fruit pairing are a great starting point.

Benefits To Making Your Own Vape Juice

e-juice-flavoringsFirst and foremost, making your own e juice is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than buying it at retail. You’ll save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year if you convert to 100% diy blends.

When you buy a vape juice, you’re paying for a lot more than the blend. You’re also paying for the retailers bills to keep their shop open. Don’t forget about the mixer. Your mixologist has to get paid for their mixing knowledge, time, effort, and supplies.

By the time a juice hits the shelf, it’s been marked up a lot so everyone can get paid. There’s nothing wrong with supporting vape entrepreneurs. I will always buy premade liquids to support vape entrepreneurs, but I mix my own as well.

One of the things that I don’t see many people talk about is the customized nicotine strength. When you make your own vape juice, you no longer have to use the standard nicotine levels. You can blend a juice at any nicotine level you choose. This is especially beneficial for you if you’re trying to step down to a lower level or get off of nicotine completely. If neither of those are goals for you, then this isn’t really a benefit for you.

Lastly, and probably the most obvious benefit is the crazy flavors you’ll be able to whip up. When you get good at mixing, there’s no limit to what you can conjure up in the lab.

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