It's not often that you get a beastly tank with a vape pen, but that's exactly what you get with the SMOK Stick V8. It comes with the Big Baby Beast, which is one of the main reasons you should consider this starter kit. That and the fact that you will get 10% off by using the coupon code DNA10, making this device dirt cheap.

Who Is This Kit For

smok v8 stickThe SMOK Stick V8 is not for everyone. To be honest, it gives off a ton of vapor and might be a little much for new vapers. If you're planning on using this kit to kick cigarettes to the curb, it'll get the job done but it's not the first kit I would recommend for that. You'd be better off with a regulated pen. Regulated pens deliver a consistent hit, which will also have a consistent nicotine delivery. I recommend the JUUL starter kit if you're looking to put down the cigs. The JUUL has the most cigarette like throat hit on the market.

If you've already transitioned from smoking to vaping and are looking to upgrade your device, then this would be a good one to have. Having consistent hits isn't as important after making the transition, but it really helps in the beginning.

The Stick V8 is unregulated, meaning as the battery dies, the rips start to get weaker. Once the power gets low enough to where vaping is no longer satisfactory, that's when you recharge it. It's great for cloud chasing because with a full charge, this pen will pack a mighty punch and allow you to chuck some mega clouds.

Use coupon code DNA10 here to get the best price on the Stick V8!

Big Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank

big-baby-beastThe Big Baby Beast is exactly what it says it is, a big beast. It comes in at 24.5mm in diameter which puts it just into the big category. It can hold up to 5mL of e-liquid which also falls into the big category.

It's a baby because it's the child tank of the original TFV8 Cloud Beast. The Cloud Beast was wildly successful and was one of the most popular tanks in 2016.

The Big Baby Beast comes with two coil heads. The 0.15 ohm coil head has four coils inside of it. You can vape on it anywhere from 30W to 70W. The 0.2 ohm coil head has six coils inside of it. It's a monster and can be vaped at a range of 40W 130W. I prefer the 0.2 ohm sextuple coil head. It's smooth as a baby's bottom and can chuck some dense clouds. In my opinion, that's what makes the Big Baby Beast a beast.

Quick Specs

  • Diameter: 24.5mm
  • Fill: top-fill hinge and lock
  • Capacity: 5mL
  • Coils Included: M2 0.15 ohm and M2 0.2 ohm (made for Stick V8)
  • Airflow: dual adjustable 15mm x 2mm

Coil Compatibility

One of the coolest things about the Big Baby Beast tank is that it's compatible with all the SMOK Beast coil heads. That includes the Baby Beast and the Cloud Beast. That's just awesome and will give you a wide variety of coil heads to choose from.

You can try all the coils to see which one you like best or you can just go with whichever one is easier to get or in stock at the time. With this versatile tank, the choice is yours. Nothing is worse than not being able to get replacement coils for your tank, but you won't have to worry about that with the Big Baby Beast.


colors v8This is a full size vape pen mod. That is a pro and a con. The con is that it's 75mm long (135mm with tank). Not everyone wants a full size pen. It has its time and place. If you want a smaller pen, checkout the Veco One. It's only 110mm long with the tank attached.

Having a full-sized battery also has a huge benefit. It can push out way more power and last a lot longer. The Stick V8 has a 3,000mAh battery with 20A continuous max discharge which is nice. If you go for a smaller pen, you will definitely have to sacrifice some battery capacity.

To have a battery that can power up a beastly tank requires it to be a little larger than a micro setup. If power and battery life are what's important to you, then this kit will suit you well. If you're more concerned with size, then this isn't the kit for you.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the battery is not removable. There is a 0.8A USB charging port on the side of the pen. Internal batteries are awesome for people who don't like to fumble around with external batteries. It's a matter of preference mainly.

One of the benefits to having a pen with an internal battery is that you don't have to worry about battery safety best practices. If you're new to vaping, especially if you're transitioning from cigs, you already have enough on your plate. Maintaining your 18650 batteries is not something you want to worry about just yet.

If you fall in love with vaping, then you'll definitely move on to get some mods with external batteries. They have their own pros and cons but I won't get into that here. For now, just know that an internal battery is great for an easy-to-use vaping experience.


The SMOK Stick V8 is no slouch. It produces huge clouds and will give you a great unregulated experience. If you have not tried unregulated vaping yet and are curious, this would be a great mod to start with. It's well-built and continues the streak of amazing devices made by SMOK.

I don't think it's the best pen for you if you're looking to quit smoking and this is going to be your first pen, but it'll get the job done. A basic regulated pen or one with all the bells and whistles like variable wattage would make for a good transition pen.

But overall, this is a great pen mod and is a big step up from the ego starter devices. You will get a much higher quality vapor production from the Stick V8 than your average starter pen.

This is a great pen for just about everyone. It's nice and portable compared to box mods and has an all-day battery life. The SMOK Stick V8 would make for a great addition to your rotation.

Use coupon code DNA10 to get the best price on the Stick V8!

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