Using cannabis while in a public setting can be awkward. All eyes will be glued to you if you pull out a joint and light it up. There are a bunch of reasons people aren't accepting of cannabis use in public.

v2-pro-7-seriesOne of the biggest reasons people are scared of weed is because they were told to be scared of weed from an early age. The war on drugs has been very influential but in a bad way. It has everyone who isn't an independent thinker scared of weed and anyone who uses weed.

They think that potheads are stealing from their family members to get drug money. They have their heads mixed up. It's crackheads, not potheads, that do all that crazy stuff to get a fix.

The war on drugs succeeded in getting people as scared of weed as they are of hardcore, synthetic drugs. The two are totally different but people can't seem to see that.

Because of this error in the thinking of the common man, us cannabis users have to be really discreet about our use of a natural plant. That's where vaporizers come in and save the day.

Weed Vaporizers Are A Godsend

Vaping cannabis is one of the best ways to take it in. You don't have to worry about the things that put people off.

For starters, there's no smoke. When you vape cannabis, you're heating it up until vapor is created. You're not lighting it on fire and creating smoke. Now that I think about it, that's the lazy man's way to use cannabis so to speak.

It's not really lazy, it's normal. When you compare it to the benefits of vaping, it looks like a shortcut. Let's get back on topic. Since there is not smoke when you vape cannabis, you don't have to worry about breathing in too much smoke. Smoke is not good for your lungs.

The less smoke you breathe, the better off you are. Since vaping cannabis is smoke-free, we love it. Anything we can do to take care of our bodies more will keep us healthier and happier.

Other Benefits

This benefit is actually related to the first one. Since no smoke is produced when you vape cannabis, there is no stench. We call it “wreaking” when you smell like you just smoked a blunt. I may not have spelled that word right but I don't really care. The bottom line is this, you won't wreak if you vape instead of smoke.

weed-vape-penThe smell of cannabis draws a lot of attention in public. If you smoke a joint in public, you can't hide or blend in. Even if you're using a one hitter that looks like a cigarette, you can't hide the smell.

I've been in outdoor stadiums and could smell someone smoking weed from a long way away. You don't want to have everyone complaining of the smell and thinking they're going to die. You know how dramatic all of these weed-phobic people can be.


Another benefit to using a vaporizer is portability. There are two different types of vaporizers you can use. One is a very portable, pen-style vaporizer. The other is a table top vaporizer. Those are less portable. The pen style vaporizers are the most convenient. They can go in your pocket and you can take them with you anywhere. To use it, just press the button five times and vape. Some of them smell like nothing and others have added flavors.

I've had prefilled vape cartridges that taste like cotton candy. The funny part is, I was unaware that it was flavored when I bought it. I thought it was going to taste like some of my other pens. My other ones have a weedy taste so I know they weren't flavored. The cotton candy flavored one is nice because it's a light flavor. It's not dramatically sweet like some of the regular vape flavors.


Weed vape pens are also a lot easier to access. Smoking a blunt or joint takes a lot of work. You have to grind the weed or break it down with your fingers, pick out the stems and seeds, and roll it. Then you have to light it, ash it, and pound it until you're satisfied. It's not really easy to take a break when you've had your fill. But with a vaporizer, you can do whatever you want.

You can take a few puffs, stop, start, stop, and then take another puff 23 minutes later. There's no limit to how you can use a vaporizer. They're small enough to slide into your pocket or purse. You can pull it out whenever and vape at your convenience. That's the beauty of using a weed vaporizer.

If you use a loose leaf vaporizer, it'll require more maintenance. You'll have to break the weed down for the vaporizer. Well, you don't have to actually. It's a good practice to do so because you won't be vaping seeds and stems (less potent). Using a prefilled vape cartridge is the most convenient. Although, I'm not sure where you can get one online. You'll have to go to your local dispensary to get it most likely.

Once A Smoker, Always A Smoker

smoke-it-babyI'm going to tell you the honest to God truth, I still smoke to this very day. Once you start smoking a beautiful herb like cannabis, you'll never stop. The feeling it gives you is unlike any other feeling in the world. I smoke less now than I used to, but I still smoke.

Never will I tell you to stop smoking completely. There's no need to stop completely. Smoking weed is not even comparable to smoking cigarettes. it's not the smoke in cigarettes that is killing tobacco smokers in droves. It's the chemicals and the tar.

The tar coats their lungs and kills lung tissue. The chemicals are designed to stick in the tar. When the tar sticks to their lungs, it delivers the chemicals and gives them a euphoric buzz. Since weed doesn't have any of that, it's not comparable to smoking cigarettes. That's why I will never give up smoking all the way. Sure you're breathing in smoke, but it's not all that bad. Smoking also has its benefits but we'll save that conversation for another day.

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