A common mistake new affiliates make is spreading themselves too thin. This dilutes your focus and can result in you running out of steam before you hit the minimum commission threshold to get paid. Getting your first paycheck will give you a thrill like no other! Science says the sensation is similar to an orgasm, or doing drug but less intense. No matter how you look at it, getting paid is very pleasure for humans. I've compiled a list of the four best affiliate programs, all of which I have personal experience with and can vouch for. Below the table, I'm going to give you the rundown on each of these programs and point out the differences. They're all very different.

Top 4 Vaporizer Affiliate Programs

Company Commission Min Payout
VaporFi 15% $30
ecig.com 15% $50
Vape Bright 25% $100
V2 Cigs 30% $100

My Personal Favorite: VaporFi

vaporfi logoThis program is my favorite for several reasons. First, their devices are superb. I really like them and use the Rocket 3 as my daily vape. Secondly, their devices are just that, their devices. If you're not familiar with the vaping landscape, you may not have heard of VaporFi. VaporFi is one of the largest vaping companies in America, and they create their own devices. They're not another retailer that resells everyone else's brand. They only sell their own brand, and they don't allow other shops to sell their brand. They're the exclusive retailer of VaporFi products. That's great for affiliate marketing.

After you've done all the hard work of explaining to pros and cons of a products, demonstrating it's uability and why it's better than a different product based on their needs, you deserve that sale. But when you're promoting a product that 30 different shops sale, you will inevitably lose sales because of price.

shopping vaporfiCustomers are becoming more savvy shoppers, and they don't always just click your link and buy from the place you recommend. They price shop, which is the death of your income. You may have recommended they buy a SMOK TFV12 at Direct Vapor and gave a compelling reason. They click your link and see the price. Then they go over to Google any type in something like “SMOK TFV12 best price” and come upon a site called ecig.com. Ecig.com had the best price on the TFV12 for a long time, and still might. That customer is going to purchase from ecig.com, not Direct Vapor. This happens time and time again, but mainly with price shoppers or when a product is out of stock at one shop. With VaporFi, you'll never have to worry about this, and that is a big reason I like them so much.

You don't have to worry about their devices suddenly going out of stock like you do with retailers. Retailers only order a certain amount of a product because they don't want to be stuck holding the bag when the next version comes out. They only order as much as they think they can sell, which is hard to estimate. You'll have a lot of out of stock problems with the retail affiliate programs. It's a real pain. But yeah, you won't have to worry about that with VaporFi.


VaporFi also offers a nice 15% commission. That's pretty good, but it's not the best. It's really right in the sweet spot. Some companies offer 5-10% which just doesn't feel like enough after working so hard on your site. 15% is nice, it feels generous and worthwhile.

You will get emails in real-time after you make a sale, which is awesome. I love getting those emails. If you're having a rough day, an email like that can turn it around pretty quickly. There's nothing like making money by doing what you love. Every time I get that email, I know I either helped someone find a stellar product that will keep cigarettes in the rear-view mirror, or I helped someone make the switch. What could be better than that?

VaporFi will also give you a coupon and coupon link. When people click the link, the coupon will automatically be applied to their order. Right now the coupon is for buy 3 liquids get 1 free. They used to have hardware coupons, but cut them out after their massive price chop.vaporfi liquid

You will get a dedicated affiliate manager for your account. I'm going to be honest here, working with my affiliate manager was a pain in the rear end until my sales picked up. I just felt like she wasn't taking me seriously. I guess I'm wasn't her biggest affiliate, and I was definitely treated like it. I had to email her several times over the course of a week to get a response, just ridiculous. It's all good though, because money talks. My emails get answered quickly now. Just don't expect too much support when you're just starting out. You're pretty much on your own. If you need help with something, reach out to me and I'll help you if I can. If you sign up as my sub-affiliate (won't effect your commission rate), I'll be able to reach out to them on your behalf to help you get coupon codes (had to send several emails before I got mine) and support when you need it.

One of the best things about this program is the 365 day cookie. When someone clicks your affiliate link, a cookie is placed in their browser. If they visit VaporFi within the next year from the same browser and make a purchase, you will get credited with the sale. That's just awesome!

Click here to join VaporFi and enjoy promoting a solid company that won't run out of stock or make you lose your commissions to price shoppers.

Favorite Retail Reseller: ecig.com

ecig.com logoThis company has a generous commission rate at 15%. That's pretty good for a reseller. Remember, they're buying devices from other companies in bulk and reselling them. That means they're paying a lot more for their devices than VaporFi, a company that makes its own devices. So why do they have the same commission rate? Idk, but that's why I feel ecig.com's commission rate is generous.

I picked them over Direct Vapor or VaporDNA because I've had a better experience with ecig.com. VaporDNA is known for having high prices, so you'll lose a lot of sales to price shoppers. Direct Vapor has pretty good prices, but not as good as ecig.com and their commission rate is lower. Out of all three of these companies, ecig.com has the highest commission rate.

Their program is hosted on the ShareASale affiliate network, which has its perks. ShareASale requires their affiliates to pre-fund their accounts. Basically, that means you'll get paid. ShareASale acts as the middleman, or an escrow account of sorts. You won't have to track down anyone to get paid. It happens automatically when your account reaches the threshold for payment. The lowest you can set the threshold for shareasale is $50. The cool thing is, the minimum payout is for your whole shareasale account, not just ecig.com. Once your account balance reaches $50 total, boom, you get paid.

It's important that you sign up for an affiliate program that sells other companies devices too. Don't just sign up for VaporFi. The reseller shops sell devices that are highly anticipated and your visitors will want these devices. If you only have VaporFi devices on your site, you'll be missing out on a huge part of the market.

Click here to join ecig.com.

Similar to VaporFi: V2Cigs

v2 cigs logoV2Cigs is a company that is set up similarly to VaporFi. They make their own products and their products are pretty good quality. The reason I like VaporFi better is because I am mainly an e-liquid vaper. I'm not a big ecig or marijuana guy, both of which V2 excels at. I do feature their products here and there, but you'll find them few and far between on my site. If you have an audience that loves marijuana vaping, or ecigs then this is a solid company to work with.

You don't have to worry about the price shoppers and out of stock issues like you will with resellers. Of course, their devices still have competition, but once you've made the sale it's yours. They can't go buy at a different shop and exclude you from the sale because you can only buy V2 products on their website. Their commission rate also fluctuates based on how well you perform. If you're just starting out, you'll earn a whopping 30% on new customer referrals. If you make over 100 sales per month, you'll earn an unprecedented 75% on new customers. That's some serious cash right there.

v2 cigs affiliate commission

Their products are excellent, so you can recommend them and know that you're taking care of your tribe.

Click here to earn your way up to 75% commissions with V2.

Fav CBD Vape Cartridges: Vape Bright

vape bright logoSomething that goes well on a vape site or YouTube channel is CBD cartridges. I've done pretty well with this program myself, and I love the product. If you're not familiar with CBD, try it so you can see why you should consider promoting this product. It's pretty good. I'll give you the rundown really quick.

CBD is used by thousands of people to provide relief. Relief is different for everybody, but CBD helps just about everybody. If you just Google, “benefits of CBD oil” you'll get all the information you need. A huge thing CBD is used for is pain relief. Do you think any of your vaping visitors might be in pain? Yeah, I bet a lot of them are. Well here's your chance to help them out. The research has shown that it can be quite effective for neuropathic and inflammatory pain. This research is a big help with convincing people to get the help they need, which is basically your job as an affiliate. Our job isn't to just sell products, but rather to put products in the hands of people who will really benefit from having them. It may sound clich√©, but it will actually make you more successful when you approach it like that.

Vape Bright has really good CBD cartridges, good prices, and a good commission rate. Their commission rate is 25% and you keep your customers for life. So not only do you get to help people make the switch, you also get to help them live a more comfortable life.

Click here to join forces with Vape Bright.

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