This is a tough topic to talk about given the uphill battle we are fighting right now.

Obviously, people have been smoking and driving for decades. Personally, I haven’t heard much media hype about the dangers of smoking and driving. I haven’t heard any at all to be honest. That doesn’t mean smoking and driving is as safe as driving without smoking, but it doesn’t seem to be the cause of many accidents.

If smoking caused accidents, then I would expect it to be covered in the media. Since the media doesn’t say much about smoking and driving, and cars have built in lighters and ashtrays, I’m going to assume smoking and driving is not a threat.

What About Vaping?

Well, vaping is easier than smoking in the eyes of many people. You don’t have to worry about lighting your vape. Lighting a cigarette doesn’t seem like it’s easy to do without taking your eyes off the road. You also don’t have to worry about ashing your vape. If you don’t ash your cigarette, you’re going to end up with burn holes in your clothes. Ashing your cigarette could take your eyes off the road if you use the ashtray, but probably not if you use the window. Regardless, you don’t need to ash your vape so vaping is safer in that area as well.

Vaping is something that you can do without looking. As long as you get into your car with your vape setup ready to rock, you’re in good shape. If you just set your vaporizer in the cup holder or somewhere similar, you can grab it without looking. Now all that’s left to do is fire and pull. Sounds like it should be okay to vape and drive.

Not Too Fast

Vaping and driving sounds safer than smoking and driving, but is it? I think it could be more dangerous.

I think it could be more dangerous, but not for the reason you’re thinking about. If a person is involved in a fatal accident and was vaping on the drive, the media could spin that in their favor. We can’t afford that kind of coverage, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vape and drive. We can’t live in fear and let corruption dictate our every move. But we do need to understand the risks involved in our everyday decisions.

There’s no guarantee that the media would crucify you if you were involved in a fatal accident while vaping on the same trip. They might not even know you were vaping at all since it doesn’t leave an obvious odor like cigarettes. But there is always the possibility that they could. Don’t be paranoid about it, just be careful.

It’s Your Decision

If you do decide to vape and drive, be cautious on the road. Don’t let the media get more fuel to add to their fire. You also might want to consider vaping with a tank instead of an RDA. Yes, RDAs are awesome but they require more of your attention. Dripping and driving is a little more complicated than vaping with a tank. I know people who do it, but they only drip when at stoplights. Well, at least that’s what they tell me and I have no reason to not believe them.

If you love vaping as much as us, just do it responsibly. We’re not telling you not to vape and drive, you have that right. We’re just alerting you to the risks and to be cautious since we’re currently walking on eggshells.


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