If you're looking to enjoy robust flavors, VaproFi is the best place to shop. They have over 30,000 flavor combinations that you can concoct when you create your own blend. The create your own juice is actually their best seller. If you're looking for more of an artisan flavor, then you should go with the Grand Reserve collection. They're expertly layered and blended in a way that only a master vapetender can create.

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Click this coupon activation link and the discount will automatically apply to your cart. Alternatively, you can enter the code AFBW8R4V to receive the discount as well. The coupon will give you a free e liquid when you buy three. To use it, you'll have to place 4 bottles in your cart and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Best VaporFi Vape Juice Flavors

Flavor Price Award # Of Reviews
Mix Your Own $15.99/30ml Most Popular E Liquid 834
Menthol Freeze $15.99/30ml Best Menthol Flavor 446
Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte $17.99/30ml Best Coffee Flavor 376
Sahara Gold $15.99/30ml Best Tobacco Flavor 326
Tobaccolicious $15.99/30ml Best Tobacco Blend 242
Watermelon $15.99/30ml Best Fruit Flavor 231
Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard $17.99/30ml Best Dessert Flavor 160
Carnival Cotton Candy $15.99/30ml Best Novelty Flavor 91

When it comes to e liquid, there's one company that stands out from the pack. There name is Vapor Fi. They aren't the oldest company, so of course they didn't invent e juice. But they are the largest vape juice producer in the world. Due to being the largest e juice producer, they have a lot of eyes on them. It works out nicely for us. They have a reputation to uphold and a lot of companies that want to knock them off the throne. Because of this, they have to be on top of their game at all times. They've responded to the pressure well.

Here are some of the ways that VaporFi has responded to being under the magnifying glass so heavily.

Diacetyl & Acetyl Propionyl-Free E Liquid

vaporfi logoAll of their e-liquids are diacetyl-free. If you're not sure why that's important, I'll explain. Diacetyl is a chemical that is supposedly harmless when you eat it, but poisonous when inhaled. It's used in food and vape juices to give it a buttery flavor. You won't feel the effects of diacetyl right away. It's one of those things that becomes toxic over time. Things that don't show their harmful effects right away are the worst types of poisons. People often miss-associate their illness with other things when it's not easy to see the direct effect. Long story short, if you don't want to come down with the irreversible and fatal bronchitis obliterans, then Vapor Fi is a good place to buy your e liquid.

Their whole e-juice collection is also acetyl propionyl-free. Acetyl propionyl was created to be an alternative to the toxic diacetyl. In theory, it would be awesome to have an alternative to the highly toxic diacetyl. The only problem is that acetyl propionyl is equally dangerous. Stay away from both of these two lung destroyers. This is another reason why we are so high on VaporFi e liquids. You can vape with peace of mind and enjoy high quality flavors.

FDA Registered Production Facility

VaporFi-FDA-CertificateIf this doesn't show you how serious VaporFi is about taking care of their customers, then I don't know what could. One of the scariest things about being a vaper is the ever-looming regulation threats. We enjoy the vaping landscape the way it currently is set up. It promotes entrepreneurship and good ol' American ingenuity. If you wanted to, you could start your own e juice or vape pen company right now. So many creative mods have come from avid vapers, not large regulated companies. With that said, by registering their facility with the FDA, they've insured their longevity.

If the FDA were to come down on e juice manufacturers for not meeting whatever standards they pull out of their behinds, you'd still be able to get VaporFi juice. A lot of the other manufacturers would have to go through a long drawn our certification process and others would just get shut down. We know we'll always be able to count on VaporFi because they're ahead of the curve. Could you imagine what they had to go through to get registered with the FDA? I'm sure it was a painful process, but I'm glad they will be around for years to come. Their toxin free e juice is something we all can appreciate.

Top Notch Ingredients

One of the things that helps VaporFi stand out is the quality of their ingredients. Anyone can order some crappy VG, PG, and flavorings from Amazon and mix up an e juice. But VaporFi goes to extra lengths to make sure they have the highest quality ingredients available. Their glycerin is not made from peanuts which helps people avoid allergy issues. A lot of people that have an allergic reaction to glycerin are really having an allergic reaction to the peanut products used.

Also, the flavorings used in their e-liquid is actually a notch above food grade and they're GRAS approved. Basically, their flavorings were made to be vaped. It wouldn't surprise us if you start seeing the level above food grade become known as “vape grade.”

Other Notables

vaporfi liquidAnother thing VaporFi does is assign every batch of e liquid a lot number. This helps us consumers hold them accountable. If we're unsatisfied with our vape juice or think something's a little off, we can hold them accountable. By reporting it to them, they can trace it back to the batch and figure out the issue. Given their high standards, it's highly unlikely that we would need to do that, but it's nice to see them give us that power. Without a lot number, a company can't really do much but offer a refund and a replacement.

Lastly, VaporFi uses child proof bottles. This isn't a benefit that everyone cares about, but it's nice for those of us who have kids or are around them often. Kids have a way of getting into things they're not supposed to get in. This extra little safety precaution goes a long way for millions of people. Don't forget to checkout our other coupon codes.


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