shopping vaporfiBundling your vape pen purchase with some e-juice can be a great way to save money. It's also makes the process of getting started a little easier since you'll get your pen and vape juice at the same time.

As far as nicotine level goes, we recommend you start with 6mg or 12mg unless you are a really heavy smoker. In that case, you might want to start with 18mg. Usually, 6mg is enough for a lot of people and 12mg will take care of you no problem. These devices deliver nicotine more efficiently than cigarettes. It may not seem like a lot of nicotine, but it will satisfy your body's craving.

The best vape setup on this list is the Rocket 3 by far. I own one and love it. It has variable wattage, which the other pens lack. Variable wattage allows you to find the perfect setting to satisfy your cravings. It also has adjustable airflow which allows you to customize the draw to your liking.

Brand Vape Pen E Liquid Price
VaporFi Rocket 3 Kit Create Your Own Flavor (30ML) $74.99
Kangertech SubVod Starter Kit VaporFi Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte (30ML) $80.88
VaporFi Beginner Pro 3 Create Your Own Flavor (30ML) $79.99

Rocket 3 With Vape Juice – $74.99

You'll be happy with this pen because it's a very solid starter pen. It is actually our #1 recommended pen for beginners. We recommend this pen so highly for several reasons. The battery life is phenomenal. It boasts a 2,500mAh battery! That's enough to last you all day long. A lot of box mods have lower capacity batteries than this pen.

It also has a high capacity, 3.5mL tank. Most starter pens have a tank capacity right around 2mL give or take. A 3.5mL tank will allow you to leave your vape juice at home when you're only going to be gone for a little while. With a smaller tank, you'll have to fill up more often, which isn't the worst thing in the world all things considered. At least you won't smell like smoke and have to deal with the inconvenience of lighting a cigarette and finding a designated smoking area. Nonetheless, the 3.5mL tank on the Rocket 3 is a much-welcomed feature.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Lastly, this is a sub ohm tank that has temperature control. That means the resistance is below 1ohm and there are preset temperatures you can vape. The red light means you're vaping at 400°F, the white light indicates 500°F, and the green light 600°F.

Specs: 2,500mAh battery, 3.5mL tank capacity, & 0.1-0.5ohm resistances.

When you vape on a sub ohm tank, you'll notice a big difference in flavor and vapor density. Your clouds will be much thicker and fuller. It's great for cloud chasing or doing vape tricks like blowing Os. The flavor will also be much richer. If you want to experience the best of your favorite vape flavor, a sub ohm tank like this one is something you should consider.

Create Your Own Vape Juice Blend

This bundle comes with 30mL of your favorite vape liquid. You can mix up to three flavors. If you're not sure which flavor combination you'll like the best, play it safe. You can get just one flavor or you can mix a few. Some combinations you can reasonably assume will be delicious. But if you mix a tobacco flavor with a dessert flavor, then add in a fruit flavor it will go one of two ways.

It will be the most disgusting e-juice you've ever tried or it will be the best concoction in the world. You never know. If you're a risk taker then risk it for the biscuit and mix up something crazy. If you're more conservative then you might want to play it on the safe side. You can always order another thing of e-liquid if you want to try a risky flavor and a safe bet.

The Bottom Line

Now, if you're just looking to get off the cigs, you might not want all the features the Rocket 3 offers. In that case, there are some cheaper vape pens below that'll be perfect for you. They'll deliver nicotine to your body efficiently and help you kiss the cigarettes goodbye.

We recommend this pen because of the features. It allows new vapers to get a pen that they can use for a long time without having to upgrade. It's not necessary to quit smoking. But if you think you're going to become a hardcore vaper, then it's a pen you should highly consider so you won't have to upgrade right after getting your starter pen.

This is a very reliable and great performing pen and you can't go wrong by purchasing it.


vape pen with e liquid

Pro 3 Vaporizer Bundle – $79.99

The Pro 3 is the successor of the Pro II. There have been several notable upgrades to the Pro 3. It has a bigger battery and larger tank capacity. Its coil also has a different resistance. All of the upgrades allow you to vape with max VG e-juice, which some people prefer. With the Pro II, you should use 70/30 or 50/50 PG/VG blend. The Pro 3 is an all around better pen. But it is a little bigger and usually a little more expensive unless you catch it on clearance. If a smaller size and a cheaper price is what's most important to you, go with the Pro II. Otherwise, the Pro 3 gets the nod.

Specs: 1,000mAh battery, 2.5mL tank capacity, 2.0ohm resistance.

This bundle comes with a 30mL bottle of Vanilla Caramel Swirl. If you're not into sweet dessert flavors, this would not be the best bundle for you. It's a great vape pen, but getting 30mL of a flavor you do not like wouldn't be too fun. But if you love dessert flavors, this bundle would be great for you. The Vanilla Caramel Swirl is fantastic and it's a max VG vape juice.



VaporFi Pro 3

Pro II Vape Kit Bundle – $69.99 (discontinued)

The Pro II is one of the best pens for beginners. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping with no hassle involved. In fact, it is designed specifically for that purpose. It's not crafted to be the fanciest pen in the world. There aren't 20 different pieces you have to worry about and maintain. It's a simple pen with just a few pieces, some of which you'll never have to worry about, like the mouthpiece.

Specs: 650mAh battery, 1.5mL tank capacity, & 1.5ohm resistance.

It comes with 30mL of your favorite vape juice. You can get one flavor or you can mix up to three flavors. This pen works best with a 50/50 PG-VG blend. That's an option that you'll be able to choose when you select your vape juice on the product page. Creating your own flavor blend can be fun but don't go too crazy. After all, this is the bottle of e-juice that will be responsible for weening you off the cigs. You could play it safe and get one flavor, or mix two flavors that you know will go well together like Strawberrylicious and Watermelon Wave.

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